10 Best Longboard Trucks 2018

10 Best Longboard Trucks 2018

Did your latest longboard accident lead you to wonder why you bailed? Even if you didn’t wreck, you’re still probably curious about how to get the best balance for your high-speed hobby. If you’re wondering about this, keep reading; we’ll provide you with all the information you’ll need!

Don’t be mistaken; there are plenty of ways that longboard trucks can be adjusted for optimal use and user preference. The best longboard trucks will provide you with the best stability and balance, requiring minimal adjustment.

The search for the ideal set of trucks can be challenging; the market is massive! We understand this and are here to help you in your search. Check out the table below for a peek at some of the top-rated trucks for longboards!

Top 10 Longboard Trucks Comparison Table

PictureNameTruck WidthPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameTruck WidthPriceRating (1-5)
1. Paris Truck Co. 50 180mm Longboard Trucks10 Inches$$$5
2. Paris V2 Amanda Powell Pro Model 180mm Longboard Skateboard Trucks Set of 2 10 Inches$$$5
3. Bear Grizzly 852 181mm Skateboard Trucks (Set Of 2) 10 Inches$$$4.9
4. Caliber II Fifty Caliber 10"/50 Degrees Blackout Skateboard Longboard Trucks 10 Inches$$$4.7
5. Gullwing Sidewinder II Truck (Set Of 2), Silver, 10-Inch10 Inches$$$$4.6
6. Gullwing Mission Truck (Set Of 2), Silver, 9-Inch9 Inches$$4.2
7. SCSK8 LONGBOARD Skateboard TRUCKS COMBO set w/ 70mm WHEELS + 9.75" Truck Package 9.75 Inches$4.1
8. Yocaher LONGBOARD Skateboard TRUCKS COMBO set w/ 71mm WHEELS9.7 Inches$$$4.1
9. Caliber Truck Co. 10-Inch Skateboard Truck (Set of 2) 10 Inches$$$3.9
10. Havoc Havoc Longboard Trucks Reverse Kingpin (Pair) Skateboard10 Inches$$3.5

Buying Information

While the table above might have the best longboard trucks available for purchase, it’s wise to determine several key things before making your purchase. Keep these pointers in mind when you are deciding which trucks you want for your longboard!

  • Truck Width. Although most longboard trucks only have minute differences in truck widths, these minute differences make a major impact on your ride. A 10-inch truck width allows for greater stability and balance, which is key for riders who want to bomb huge hills.

9-inch width, on the other hand, decreases stability but increases directional control at lower speeds. Make sure you keep your riding style in mind as you shop!

  • SKP or RKP? These acronyms stand for Standard Kingpin and Reverse Kingpin, respectively. They categorize trucks for both skateboards and longboards, on factors such as speed responsiveness, trick interference, and stability.

RKP trucks are the most common type of trucks used in longboarding: these are the best longboard trucks because they offer great control at fast speeds. They also offer responsiveness at low speeds as well.

SKP trucks are geared more towards street and trick skating; Some SKP trucks can be installed on both longboards and skateboards, however, so it’s best to keep your skating style in mind so that you choose the right ones.

Top 3 Best Longboard Trucks Reviews

1. Paris Truck Co. 50 180mm Longboard Trucks

When you’re looking for longboard trucks, it’s good to choose the trucks that will give you ultimate stability and control at high speeds. With these Paris longboard trucks, you’ll get all of the above and more.

The 10-inch truck width is ideal for fast riding at frightening speeds. Don’t worry about bailing, however; your board will be well-equipped to handle any speed with these trucks on it!

They’re composed of a strikingly beautiful and durable aluminum metal. It’s durable and long-lasting for the longest rides!

The look of the trucks is sleek, to say the least – a pleasing metal finish is complimented beautifully by a red ring around the main bolt of the truck complex.

It’s built with a base plate that will fit both new and older longboard designs. With this versatility, a build that specializes in high-speed control, and a great appearance, what more could you want from a set of longboard trucks?

2. Paris V2 Amanda Powell Pro Model

These 10-inch trucks are ideal for high board control at high speeds. Whether you’re going down a mountain or a street slope, you’ll have full control of what you’re getting yourself, or your longboard, into.

The design of the Paris V2 Truck set is eye-catching, to say the least. A purple background shows contrasting plant leaves that will certainly give your longboard an artsy element.

The Paris V2’s are also treated with heat, after they’re made in production, for added durability. The producers want to ensure long lasting performance for a sport which can produce incredible wear and tear on both the board and trucks.

If you weren’t sold on the style or the appearance of the board, the 10-inch width and the durability would certainly get your attention! The Paris V2 Truck set is the flashiest set of top-notch trucks for your longboard.

3. Bear Grizzly 852 181mm Skateboard Trucks

Just because it says they’re made for skateboarding doesn’t mean they aren’t effective longboard trucks! The Bear Grizzly 852 truck set is a great set of trucks for doing everything you could imagine. From bombing pipes to bombing hills, this truck set will handle any challenge you throw at it!

Their 10-inch width allows you to have top-notch board control at quick speeds. Whether you’re casually longboarding or throwing your body down a jaw-dropping incline, these trucks will provide you with incredible control.

The Bear Grizzly 852 also comes with multiple baseplates, which can be adjusted based on the situation of your ride. If you’re looking for high-speed board control, for instance, you’ll find that the 40-degree baseplate will suit your needs quite well.

The Bear Grizzly 852 truck set is what your longboard needs!


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