10 Best Downhill Longboards 2018

10 Best Downhill Longboards 2018

Evolving from the popular skateboard, a longboard can be used to cruise through busy streets dodging pedestrians, but the real thrill is found in downhill racing. One of the hottest disciplines extreme sports has to offer; downhill longboarding is the fastest and most dangerous of all longboard genres.

If you are planning to participate in this adrenaline-pumping sport, you’re going to need a reliable, high-quality board that offers both speed and stability. When you’re cruising downhill at 50 miles per hour, you want to know that you have a fast board that you can control.

With so much on the line, it is important to find a safe, fast, and dependable board. Before diving headfirst into a longboard purchase, be sure to review the information and product overviews we have compiled. Consider this your one-stop guide to help you find the best downhill longboard possible.

Top 10 Downhill Longboards Table

PictureNameDeck LengthPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameDeck LengthPriceRating (1-5)
1. Playshion Freeride Freestyle Drop Through Longboard Skateboard Complete39 inches$$4.9
2. Sector 9 Green Wave Lookout II Drop-Thru Bamboo Complete Downhill Longboard Skateboard42 inches$$$$4.7
3. Atom Drop Through Longboard - 40 Inch 40 inches$$$4.6
4. Rimable Drop-through Longboard (41-inch) 41 inches$$4.5
5. VOLADOR 42inch freeride longboard cruiser 42 inches$$4.5
6. Atom Drop Deck Longboard (41-Inch) 41 inches$$$4.5
7. White Wave Bamboo Longboards 38 inches$$$4.5
8. Quest Skateboards Zero Dark 40 Downhill Style Drop 40 inches$$4.4
9. Sector 9 Aperture Sidewinder Drop Through Downhill/Cruiser Freeride Complete Longboard 36" 36 inches$$$$4.3
10. SCSK8 Professional Speed Drop Down / Drop Through Complete Longboards 40 inches$4.2

Buying a Downhill Longboard

Not all longboards are the same. If you want to participate in downhill longboard racing, you should look for a wide, concave board; this will give you the speed, stability, and performance you need when riding at high speeds.

There are a lot of different longboard designs available today. Here are a few specs to look for when searching for a longboard specifically for downhill.

  • Measurements. Boards that measure between 37 inches and 43 inches perform best. The width of your longboard should fall between nine and eleven inches. Boards that are too long are more difficult to handle.
  • Wheels. Look for soft urethane wheels that are best suited for the fastest, most technical hills in the sport.

Consider the Deck Design

While almost any deck can be set up for downhill purposes, some designs are better suited for adrenaline-inducing descents than others. The best deck designs for achieving top speeds down a winding road are drop through and top mount.

  • Drop Through Deck. The best design for beginners, the drop through deck gives the rider a lower center of gravity and therefore more stable than some other designs. This style of deck is perfect for building confidence since the lower profile helps alleviate the fear of ripping corners at high speed.
  • Top Mount Deck. This deck design has the trucks attached directly to the bottom of the longboard. With the wheels mounted in this manner, this style allows more grip through sharp turns. A top mount longboard will offer better performance on more technical descents where sliding is necessary for slowing down to make a tight corner.

This deck style is best suited for longboarders with a bit of downhill experience already under their belts. Using a board with a drop through deck will help you master the basics of stability and maneuvering. Once you are familiar with the intricacies of downhill racing, you will be better able to appreciate and handle the subtleties of a more sensitive top mount deck.

Top 3 Best Downhill Longboard Reviews

1. Playshion Freeride Freestyle Drop

Made of 8-ply maple constructed with vertical lamination technology, this downhill longboard is strong but features a bit of flex for better control. Equipped with large, soft polyurethane wheels with ABEC-9 bearings you’ll enjoy a smooth ride and thrilling speed. This board also features seven-inch aluminum trucks and responsive bushings for the ultimate stability and a tight turning radius.

This board comes fully assembled and ready to ride straight out of the box. The drop through mounting is perfect for beginners, but the short wheelbase and impact-absorbing riser pads are features that even an experienced rider will appreciate. Built with durability in mind out of quality components, this longboard offers smooth riding at an affordable price. It is hands-down the best downhill longboard you will find at this price point.

2. Sector 9 Green Wave Lookout I

This classic, surf-inspired longboard features 5-ply, vertically laminated Taco Mold bamboo painted in a striking green Hawaiian wave design. The bamboo construction offers a great blend of flexibility and rigidity which provide the perfect maneuverability for easy speed checks or throwing out slides.

The length of this longboard paired with the long wheelbase makes for a nice, stable ride, even at top speeds. It takes moderate bumps, gravel, and even small sticks with ease. The bamboo is extremely forgiving on bumpy roads or concrete and allows for a lot of bounce when coasting. This an awesome longboard for the beginner and the bright design will turn heads wherever you decide to ride.

3. Atom Drop Through Longboard

The deck on this Atom longboard is a maple/bamboo hybrid laminate featuring a photo heat transfer tribal graphics that is attractive, yet clean and simple. You don’t need a flashy design when you have a quality ride.

The Navigator Drone trucks ensure awesome maneuverability without sacrificing stability. It has a comfortable and sturdy deck that provides a super easy-going and enjoyable ride. With this longboard, you can dance around any obstacle and easily cut intense turns without batting an eyelash. If you want a board that builds downhill confidence, the Atom Drop Through Tiki is exactly what you’ve been looking for.


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