10 Best Arrow Rests 2017

10 Best Arrow Rests 2017

If you want to get the best out of your bow hunting or target shooting experience, choosing the right arrow rest is crucial. Your arrow rest can have an enormous impact on arrow accuracy, and ultimately your success in scoring a big buck in the field or a big score in a tournament.

Like most other archery accessories, arrow rests have come a long way in the past decade. With so many innovations and unique products on the market, selecting the best arrow rest for your archery needs is no easy task. However, we have gathered information and useful, real-life product review to assist you in choosing an arrow rest that will improve your shooting and your archery success.

Top 10 Arrow Rest Ultimate Table

PictureNameType of RestPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameType of RestPriceRating (1-5)
1. Quality Archery Products HDX Arrow RestDrop Away$4.7
2. Ripcord Code Red Drop-Away Arrow Rest Drop Away$$$$4.6
3. Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit Kill Shot Arrow Rest, Medium, Green Shoot Through$$$4.5
4. Tabiger Arrow Rest for Compound Bow Hunting. Left and Right Hand are Available. Shoot Through$$4.5
5. Bear Weather Arrow Rest RH Standard$$4.3
6. Vapor Trail LimbDriver Pro V Rest, RH Drop Away$4.2
7. DerBlue Biscuit Kill Shot Arrow Rest for Compound Bow Hunting. Left and Right Hand are Available. Shoot Through$$4.1
8. New Archery Apache Drop Away Arrow Rest (Camo, Righthand) Drop Away$$$4.1
9. Great Deals LLC Brush Capture Arrow Rest with 3 Extra Replacement Brushes Standard$$4.1
10. TRUGLO Downdraft Drop-Away Arrow Rest Reatree XTRA Drop Away$4.1

Choosing the Right Arrow Rest

The purpose of the arrow rest is to stabilize the arrow until it is launched by the bowstring. The arrow’s fletchings must clear the bow’s riser to prevent the arrow from wobbling and twisting in the air as it flies. Basically, the arrow rest serves a stable launching platform that increases accuracy by allowing the arrow to fly true.

There are several types of arrow rests to choose from and the best arrow rest for you will depend on how you shoot your bow and the type of shooting you choose to participate in. For example, an arrow rest that is perfect for target shooting may not be practical for hunting big game.

There are three basic categories of arrow rests on the market today. Most rests can be categorized as a drop away, shoot through, or standard rest, although there are some uniquely designed arrow rests that blur the lines, combining elements from different categories.

Drop Away Rests

Drop away rests are a relatively new development. They do exactly what the name implies – they drop away from the arrow as it is released to prevent the arrow fletching from contacting the rest. This type of rest has a small cord attached that pulls the rest into position as you draw your bow. There is some tuning that must take place to ensure the rest drops away properly at the right time. Many archers prefer these rests be installed by a professional to ensure proper functioning.

The best advantage to this type of rest is the increase in arrow speed. Because these rests have minimal contact with the arrow, there is less drag on arrow speed as it is launched. The result is a faster shooting arrow and better downrange accuracy.

Shoot Through Rests

This type of rest uses a ring of bristles to hold the arrow in place until it is released. The arrow remains in contact with the rest until the very end of launch. After the arrow is released from the string, the entire length of the arrow travels through the rest, including the arrow fletching.

The advantages of a shoot through rest are arrow stability. These rest hold the arrow securely in place until it is released. This makes a shoot through rest a great option for beginners and young shooters.

The drawback is a major decrease in arrow speed. Also, because the arrow speed is slowed, often mistakes in form and aiming are magnified downrange, decreasing accuracy especially when shooting longer distances.

Standard Rests

Some archers consider standard rest to be outdated technology. The effectiveness of this type of arrow rest is in its simplicity. These rests usually have two-prong or flipper construction. They are very forgiving to poor shooting. However, some archers have trouble keeping the arrow in place until the time of release. This makes them difficult to use in most hunting situations.

Top 3 Best Arrow Rest Reviews

1. Quality Archery UHXBK-R Right Hand Arrow Rest

Whether you are a serious competition shooter, a seasoned bowhunter, or a casual recreational archer, this arrow rest has everything you need to make consistent, accurate shots. It features a unique “breakaway” design that won’t at all interfere with the arrow flight path. It has an attractive design that works in tandem with modern or more traditional compound bow models.

The sleek curved capture bar, holds the arrow in place, allowing peace of mind as you move through the woods. It also enables you to shoot from various angles without the risk of losing your arrow.

The light construction won’t mess up the delicate balance of your bow. However, since it is made of durable, stainless steel, it can take whatever the outdoor elements throw your way. Quality Archery has also integrated vibration technology to minimize noise and vibration, a feature that bowhunters will particularly appreciate.

Reliable, quiet, and efficient, this is hands down the best arrow rest available to the modern archer.

2. Ripcord Code Red Drop-Away Arrow Rest

With 100 percent arrow containment, this drop away style rest gives you all of the advantages of a shoot through rest without slowing down your arrow speed. The containment arm is covered with soft over-molding to eliminate metal-to-metal contact and reduce arrow noise, making this rest deadly silent right out of the box.

The special all-metal DropDead internal brake system virtually eliminates bounce-back after release to provide complete fletching clearance on every shot. With increased arrow speed, you’ll enjoy more consistent accurate shooting, no matter what your target is.

The Ripcord Code Red Drop-Away arrow rest is insanely quiet, offers lots of adjustability, fits almost every compound bow on the market, and is guaranteed to improve your arrow groups and increase your shooting accuracy.

3. Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit Kill Shot

One of the most popular arrow rests in the archery world, the Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit is incredibly easy to use, making it a perfect choice for the beginning archer. This arrow rest is a time-tested design that offers quiet arrow loading, reliable functioning, and durability that will last for years.

Using quality components and durable construction, this arrow rest doesn’t have any mechanical components to malfunction or wear-out. This arrow rest will outlast most compound bows and may be the last rest you’ll ever need to purchase.

With 360-degree arrow containment, the Whisker Biscuit allows you to angle your bow for difficult shots without losing your arrow.  A popular choice for bowhunters and young archers, the Whisker Biscuit is one of the most versatile and reliable arrow rests on the market today.


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