10 Best Indoor Basketballs 2017

10 Best Indoor Basketballs 2017

There’s no greater joy than gripping a brand new, high quality basketball in your hands.

Just imagine gripping a perfectly balanced ball, raising up over your defender and popping it only to hear a sweet “swish” a few seconds later. For a basketball player, there’s no greater feeling it the world.

To help you achieve that feeling, we did some scouring and found a total of ten superb indoor basketballs. Each and every product comes with high reviews from the most respected brands, so you know these are top notch rocks for top notch games.

In our guide below, we’ll help you find the best indoor basketball and provide you with a few useful buying tips to help you choose.

Head down and take a look!

Outdoor vs Indoor Basketballs

So, what’s the difference between indoor and outdoor basketballs? The answer is – material.

Outdoor balls are usually made of cheaper rubber, but are more resistant to damage while indoor basketballs are made of less durable materials such as leather, which is ok on a gym court but not on rough pavements outdoors. A leather basketball will also provide maximum grip and perfect control.

This is very favorable, especially for shooters who like to have a ball that lays well on their hands as they release the ball for a shot. For slashers, this is again very good, as they can change the tempo of their dribbles, and the grip greatly increases ball security.

Many indoor balls are made of special soft rubber and composite materials that mimic leather in order to keep costs down.

Top 10 Indoor Basketballs Comparison Chart

PictureNameMaterialPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameMaterialPriceRating (1-5)
1. Wilson Evolution Indoor GameComposite leather$$4.6
2. Wilson NCAA Solution OfficialComposite leather$$$4.5
3. Spalding NBA Zi/O Indoor/OutdoorComposite leather$$4.4
4. Spalding Rookie GearComposite leather$4.4
5. Spalding NBA Replica Game Ball Composite leather$$4.4
6. Molten BGG FIBA ApprovedComposite leather$$$4.4
7. Spalding TF-1000 Legacy Composite leather$$$4.3
8. Molten BGM FIBA Approved Composite leather$$$$4.1
9. NIKE ELITE CHAMPIONSHIPComposite leather$$$4.0
10. Spalding NBA NeverflatComposite leather$$4.0

Top 3 Best Indoor Basketball Reviews

1. Wilson Evolution

One of the most famous companies in the sports equipment world is Wilson. Be it tennis or table tennis racquets, volleyballs, or pretty much any sport you can think of, you’ll find Wilson products rated as top products for that sport. So is the case with basketball, as Wilson Evolution Basketball is one of the highest regarded basketballs on the market today.

The ball is made of a composite leather material that provides excellent ball control whether you’re taking a shot or doing a crossover. The special microfiber shell laid with moisture-wicking channels will keep the ball dry at all times, even after the most intense games. With the addition of Cushioned Core, the ball’s bounces are always regular, allowing for outstanding ball control at all times.


  • Very soft and grippy ball.
  • Allows for a superb amount of control to be exerted.
  • Very reasonable price for a high-quality indoor basketball.
  • NCAA approved.


  • None. They call it a perfectly balanced basketball.

All in all, there is hardly a better ball than this one. Having an NCAA approval really does this ball merit, making it practically on a par with the best Spalding balls on the market, but in the composite leather category. A beautiful ball, Wilson Evolution will present you with hours of fun on the court, and for a reasonable price, earning this ball the top spot on our best indoor basketballs list.

2. Wilson NCAA

The second best indoor basketball on our list is yet another Wilson product. However, this time, we’re moving to the big leagues, as Wilson NCAA Solution Basketball is the one and only official game ball for NCAA. Being an official game ball means that this baby has all the right components to be the best there is. This includes a soft composite leather shell, just like its sister, the Wilson Evolution.

The material allows for excellent grip and superb control whether you’re shooting, passing or dribbling. It also features the Cushion Core technology that further increases the balls stability and allows for regular and balanced bounces.


  • Soft composite leather material offers excellent grip.
  • Cushion Core technology allows for regular bounces and increased control of the ball.
  • NCAA official game basketball.


  • Some users report the panels are not accurately cut.

Being an official game ball really earns you that big name. But with a great name comes great responsibility, but the superb make and quality of the ball allows Wilson Solution to rise up to the challenge, and win the hearts and minds of ballers across all ages.

3. Spalding NBA

When it comes to basketball, Spalding is the name of the game. Ask anyone who’s even picked up a basketball even once, and they’ll tell you that you can’t do better than an original Spalding rock.

Made of the same composite leather material as its Wilson counterparts, the Spalding Zi/O is one of the greatest balls in the history of the game. Not only that, but the ball is made according to the stringent and stoic standards for the NBA, the greatest basketball league in the world. Together with the full ball pebbling, this ball is the grippiest on the market, second only to the official NBA game basketball, made of full leather.


  • Superb feel and outstanding grip.
  • Excellent control.
  • We’re looking at a top brand.
  • Fairly affordable.


  • Minor durability issues after long term use.

All in all, if you want to know that it feels like to play with a real ball, Spalding Zi/O is just for you. Made according to NBA standards, this is one of the best balls on the market, with superior grip and excellent control, earning it rightfully the third top spot on our list.

Final Word

And that’s all folks, our top selection of superb basketballs. A right ball can make all the difference between a missed shot and a made shot, so if you’re serious about your game, be sure to use one of these babies. Their superb make and the excellent feel they have on your hand will provide you the best possible game experience ever.


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