6 Best In-Ground Basketball Hoops 2017

6 Best In-Ground Basketball Hoops 2017

For players looking to get serious about their skills or families looking to have fun, having the best in-ground basketball hoop can make all of the difference. This permanent option provides more stability than choosing a temporary hoop but this kind of upgrade can be expensive. The difficulty in choosing the right in ground basketball hoop comes in determining which ones are worth the high price tag and which ones are simply overpriced for what is being offered.

To help you determine which hoop you should buy based on your need and your budget, we have come up with a guide that will direct you towards making the right choice.

Things to Think About

  1. The Size of the Area. The larger the area you have to play, the larger the hoop should be. There are options for longer poles as well as bigger backboards too.
  1. Skill Level of the Player. This affects the size and the material of the backboard that you should buy. Serious players should look for the regulation size backboard so home practice can translate to game time success. Families with various skill levels should look for a smaller backboard to accommodate all players.
  1. Rim Height and Possibility for Adjustments. Players that are more serious about the game should consider a pole that is simply regulation size with no room for adjustment. This makes the pole stronger and a better buy, especially when the adjustment feature is not necessary. Families with growing children should consider a pole that can be adjusted as they grow and their skill level improves.
  1. Choosing One of the Best In-Ground Basketball Hoops Does Not Breaking the Bank. The hoop itself will not make anyone a better player, so overspending on this item, no matter how driven or skilled the player, is not necessary.
  1. Strength and Durability. The hoop you choose should be able to stand up to your level of playing, wear and tear and last for many years too. The materials that the pole and backboard are made of should also be corrosion-resistant.

Top 6 In-Ground Basketball Hoops Ultimate Chart

PictureNameSizePriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameSizePriceRating (1-5)
1. Pro Dunk Silver With Rust Armor54 inch$$$$4.9
2. Silverback In-Ground Basketball System60 inch$$$4.6
3. Lifetime 7179950 inch$4.5
4. Goalrilla GLR GS 54 Basketball System54 inch$$$4.4
5. Lifetime 71525 Height Adjustable In Ground Basketball System54 inch$$4.2
6. Spalding NBA In-Ground Basketball System54 inch$$4.0

Buying the Best In-Ground Basketball Hoop

Players and parents that are looking for the best-in ground basketball hoop should consider the features of the hoop and compare them to the price in order to determine the value of the product. If the hoop is relatively cheap compared to others on the market but it is lesser quality then it is not worth spending your money on.

If the hoop is incredibly expensive and high quality but you are not the most advanced player and do not plan to be, then the value of this hoop for you is also lessened. Considering the quality, the stability, the assembly, the price and how you will use it will determine how valuable and how worthwhile the purchase is.

Top 3 In-Ground Basketball Hoops Reviews

1. Pro Dunk Silver With Rust Armor

The Pro Dunk Silver comes with a higher price tag because it is a high performance gym-quality adjustable hoop with a tempered glass backboard that will stand up to all levels of play.

The heavy duty materials that make up this hoop mean that it can stand up to the elements outside as well as a rougher game from more experienced or skilled players.

If you want to ensure you are getting the best quality product and make sure it will last for many years, then this investment is well worth it.

2. Silverback In-Ground Basketball System

The value that you get when you buy the Silverback System Tempered Glass and Anchor is unrivaled. The high quality and the average price make this in ground hoop a great buy.

The backboard is thick and stable, the hoop itself is easy to install with concrete, the entire system can be installed and put together with ease, the pole is stable without any swaying or movements and the quality of the materials means that this hoop will last for many years.

3. Lifetime 71799

The Lifetime 71799 Shatterproof Backboard makes it easy for players to adjust the height of the hoop with just one hand in the middle of play or to set it before a game or practice.

The heavy-duty materials of the pole and the backboard mean that this systems stands up to the elements and players knocking into the pole or even dunking against the backboard.

Putting this system together will take some time but with easy to follow instructions, once the job is completed, the hoop will be ready to use without any issues.


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