6 Most Comfortable Basketball Shoes 2017

6 Most Comfortable Basketball Shoes 2017

Basketball shoes are used for leisure and sport, but no matter when or why you wear them, they should always feel comfortable on your feet.

Check out the six most comfortable basketball shoes below as well as some tips that will help you to select the right pair as you search.

There’s more to it than just a stylish design and bold colors to make a fashion statement!

Things to Consider for Comfortable Basketball Shoes

  • Fit. Since every foot is different, you should define what “comfort” means to you. If you have orthotics, you may need to allow yourself a bit more room and opt for a half size up. If you have high arches or low arches, the type of arch support will make a big difference in the comfort level you experience. Have you rolled your ankle a few times and you need a snug fit toward the back of the shoe? Think about the how the shoe will fit your feet as you search for the most comfortable pair.
  • Sport or Leisure. If you need a pair of basketball shoes because you’ll be playing in them, then you need something that can support your feet around the ankles. With all of the quick turns and movements that you experience as you play, this is the most vulnerable area of your feet. A cushioned sole is also important.

If you just want a pair of good-looking shoes but won’t be playing in them, then the sky is the limit. Based on your feet, there are a number of things to consider, so have a look at our Fit suggestions above. Most likely, the colors of the shoe will play an important factor in your decision, but don’t forget to prioritize the comfort, as well!

Top 6 Comfortable Basketball Shoes Table

PictureNamePriceRating (1-5)
PictureNamePriceRating (1-5)
1. Reebok Men's Shaq Attaq Basketball Shoe$$4.8
2. Nike Hyperdunk 2014 Men's Basketball Shoe$$$4.7
3. Jordan SC-3 Men US 11.5 Black Basketball Shoe$$$$4.6
4. Jordan Jumpman Team I Men Men US 7.5 White Basketball Shoe$$$$4.6
5. Fila Men's 96 Basketball Shoe$4.5
6. adidas Performance Men's Cross 'Em 3 Basketball Shoe$$4.4

If You Plan to Play Basketball

We’ve highlighted some great men’s basketball shoes above, so if you plan to use your shoes out on the court, then here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Surface. Make sure to find a pair with the right traction based on the surface you’ll be playing on. Indoor court or outdoor? Traction pattern makes a big difference!
  • How You Play. If speed is your strength, then you’ll need a lightweight shoe that allows you to maintain your speed while still offering you comfort as you move. Look for a low-rising shoe like number four or number five on our list above.

Those who need more stability as they play, which means that the may be a bit heavier overall. These will provide the traction you need, just like number one or number three on our list.

Remember, color and design are the last things to consider!

3 Most Comfortable Basketball Shoes Reviews

1. Reebok Shaq Attaq

Reebok has used its pumping mechanism since 1989 when it was first introduced, and it’s still going strong today.

The Men’s Shaq Attaq basketball shoes feature a cushioned inner sole and their signature pump, which allows you to pump air into the ankle of the shoe for a custom level of support.

They offer great arch support and a comfortable fit, whether you’re on or off the court.

Very comfortable fit!

2. Nike Hyperdunk 2014

The Nike Hyperdunks are great for basketball players. They have a mesh upper, which will keep your feet dry and comfortable as you play.

These feature the Nike Lunarlon cushioning system in the sole, which is a soft, lightweight foam core that helps to evenly distribute the impact force. Lightweight shoes that offer great cushioning as you play!

3. Jordan SC-3

The Jordan SC-3 has a polyurethane midsole with Air-Sole to cushion your feet and a solid traction pattern on the bottom to help you as you pivot and break on the court.

These offer your feet stability as you play, but if you’re looking for extra arch support (if you have flat feet or high arches) then this may not offer you the comfort level you’re looking for.

So how do you go about finding the most comfortable basketball shoes? Well, that depends on your feet!

Our guide above provides you with a great place to start, so as search for the right pair, remember to take into consideration our useful tips in order to find the right shoes for your feet.


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