10 Best Basketball Shoes 2017

10 Best Basketball Shoes 2017

While choosing athletic shoes may seem straightforward to non-sportspeople, the players know that there are many features and styles to consider that make it hard to find the perfect pair. Finding the right combination to suit the specific player is the most challenging aspect of finding the best basketball shoes, which is why we have come up with this guide to help you make the right choice.

Players that are versed in the variables of the best basketball shoes, as well as those that are new to the game and choosing the right pair, should follow our tips and advice to get the most for your money.

Consider This Before Buying Basketball Shoes

Players should think about the following aspects of basketball shoes before committing to a brand or specific option:

  1. Your Body Type and Size. Larger players need more support and cushion for their feet, which might limit the maneuverability for smaller players. There are shoes specific for different size players but there are also plenty of neutral shoes that suit those of all kinds.
  1. Cushion. The comfort of the shoe that is provided by the cushion is obviously important but the padding can also provide various levels of response to the energy of your movements.
  1. Outsole. Traction is incredibly important on the court and thus having an outsole that provides grip for the surfaces you will be playing on is incredibly important. Basketball shoes that have been designed for indoor playing generally have softer rubber outsoles and those that are designed for outdoor wear and tear have harder and more durable ones.
  1. Materials. Basketball shoes are made from a combination of leather, plastic-based synthetics, and other raw materials. The placement and the amount of each material will affect the comfort, look and durability of the shoe.
  1. Durability. The shoes you buy not only need to be durable in general but they must be tough enough for the kind of playing that you do as well as for the court and environment. A casual pick-up player that goes to an indoor league once a week needs a durable shoe but one that is different than the ones that would be needed for a player that plays an outside game every day.

Top 10 Basketball Shoes Complete Table

PictureNameBest FeaturesPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameBest FeaturesPriceRating (1-5)
1. Nike Hyperdunk 2014 Women's Basketball ShoeVariety of styles.$$4.7
2. Nike Men's Lebron XI Basketball ShoeDesigned for the Lebron James style of playing.$$$4.6
3. Nike Hyperdunk 2014 TB Mens Basketball ShoesUpdated Lunarlon cushioning system.$$4.6
4. adidas Performance Men's Isolation 2 Basketball ShoeTorsion system.$4.5
5. Nike Zoom HyperFlight Men Synthetic Basketball ShoePart of the Kevin Durant Superhero Pack.$$$$4.5
6. adidas Performance Men's Cross 'Em 3 Basketball ShoeNon-marking rubber outsole.$$4.4
7. adidas Performance Men's Isolation 2 Low Basketball ShoeCollar that moves naturally with ankle.$4.4
8. Nike Men's Overplay VII Basketball ShoeNon-marking rubber outsole.$4.3
9. AND 1 Men's Master 2 Mid Basketball ShoeHeel airbag.$4.2
10. Reebok Men's Royal BB4500 Hi Basketball ShoeAnkle protection.$4.1

Finding Good Basketball Shoes

Players should always buy for their specific needs rather than choosing the shoe that simply looks the best or one of that would be great in all situations. If you know that you will only be playing in one setting and know how often it will be then you are already well on your way to finding the best basketball shoes.

Players should consider the following personal aspects of their game and style before making a final purchase:

  1. Price. Players can buy basketball shoes that are priced anywhere between $30 and hundreds of dollars. Buying to your budget is obvious but players should also be mindful of their skill level and buy shoes accordingly.
  1. Style. The style of the shoe can provide more support for players with different weaknesses.
  1. Fit. The fit of the shoe should be tight but comfortable and cushioned as well. The perfect combination is easier to achieve for all players with the additional use of basketball socks.

Top 5 Best Basketball Shoes Reviews

1. Nike Hyperdunk 2014

The Hyperdunk 2014 is known for having a great fit for all players and this could not be truer. The quality of these basketball shoes is really what sets them apart from other options. The combination of mesh and synthetic materials that these shoes are made of make them more lightweight and mean that they stand up to the wear and tear of regular players. The rubber soles also make getting traction on any court easy.

This shoe has a Lunarlon midsole cushioning component, which makes these shoes comfortable as well as supportive, something that all basketball players can appreciate. This feature, combined with the molded heel counter that keeps your foot in place, means the fit is always right for both narrow and wide feet. It is easy to feel the security that the cushion adds to the lockdown effect of the heel features. Your feet will always feel secure even when jumping or elevating off the court.

In terms of style you would be hard pressed to find a better looking basketball shoe. The Nike Hyperdunk 2014 has the look of a traditional basketball shoe with all of the advanced technology and comfort features to make it feel like you are wearing something that has been developed specifically for your feet.

2. Nike 616175-100

If they aren’t already part of your collection, the Nike Lebron Xi shoes will quickly become one of your favorites. These shoes are incredibly breathable and cushioned which makes for extremely comfortable play and secure shoes throughout the game.

The materials enable players of various levels to have the stability and traction necessary to improve their game. The most notable thing about these shoes is that they were designed with Lebron James’s playing style in mind. This means aggressive and quick players that need the shoe to support their dynamic movements get the best results possible.

These shoes were designed for game-winner performances from players that need support in terms of stability as well as help making quick turns and pivots. Impact absorption is not a problem with the Lunarlon midsole cushioning and the thin yet durable rubber outsole provides great traction. The lightweight shoe with this combination of materials will help any player get the control and the support from their basketball shoe that Lebron James demands.

The look of these shoes can be described as unique and innovative. They come in a variety of colors that can be matched to uniforms or simply chosen based on preference. These shoes are more vibrantly styled than traditional options making them great for skilled players that also want to maintain their style.

3. Nike Hyperdunk 2014

The Nike Hyperdunk 2014 TB is a colorful option for athletes that are looking for quality without compromising style. The look of the shoes can help to make any player look great on the court while also providing the necessary support and security to make for effective playing.

The mesh aspects of these shoes make them incredibly breathable. The hyper fuse construction of the upper part of the shoes also allows for plenty of airflow and breathability. You will never have to worry about your feet getting too sweaty or have to deal with too much movement in Nike Hyperdunk 2014 TB shoes while you are playing.

These sneakers fit as expected and feel as lightweight has they are described too. Each element of the construction of the shoe makes them incredibly comfortable for players. They are also incredibly durable without being heavy or bulky. Players can get the bright colors and they will stay vibrant and the entire shoe will remain in great condition for as long as they are worn.

This is a high-end shoe with a great design that does come at more affordable prices than other basketball shoes on the market that are linked to a specific player or are the brand’s classic style. The lower back of the sneaker also makes it easy to wear extra ankle supports but it also gives players that do not need the added support the necessary flexibility.

4. adidas Isolation 2-M

If you are looking for a basketball sneaker that provides a lot of cushion and support then you need to consider the Adidas Performance Isolation 2. This shoe has a cushioned midsole that gives the wearer plenty of security, comfort and even helps to create a classic silhouette.

The sock liner also provides cushioning that makes these shoes fit each individual player even better as they mold to the player’s foot. On the inside and in terms of the structure of the shoe, this is the best option for players that are worried about injury. This concern is also stifled by the non-marking rubber outsole that provides players with the traction they need as well as durability. This, in turn, makes it easy for the players to get the support they need without slipping on the court, which often leads to injury.

This sneaker allows for some flex and give in the soles that make them great for players that have issues with their feet or comfort. Being able to jump and elevate easily is something that is made possible by these sneakers.

5. Nike HyperFlight

The Nike Zoom Hyperflight Premium shoes can be worn for hardcore playing or to simply wear to be stylish. These shoes come in a variety of unique color combinations with 6 different options to choose from. The range of alternatives and the look of these shoes can be attributed to the fact that the designs are part of the Kevin Durant Superhero Pack.

These sneakers fit as expected, if not a little larger so getting a size smaller than normal might be required. The style combined with the performance make this shoe a great option for players that need support and comfort when playing without losing the stylish look that this shoe provides.

Wearing these as basketball shoes rather than just to be on trend means having a shoe that is incredibly comfortable with all of the cushioning and support needed to protect your feet from any impact while playing. These sneakers do need to be broken in as the material can be quite stiff when it is brand new but with a few wears, they will quickly become your favorite pair.


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