10 Best Indoor Soccer Shoes 2017

10 Best Indoor Soccer Shoes 2017

The saying goes that “a bad workman always blames his tools” and there is more than a grain of truth to it. This shouldn’t be the case when you have a bad game of soccer if you have taken the time to choose the best indoor soccer shoes that are most suitable for your particular needs.

The properly selected footwear, while not guaranteeing any major improvement in your soccer skills, will certainly provide added comfort for your feet and help you enjoy your game. And who knows? Maybe the “right” shoes will give you that little boost of confidence that can make all the difference although I wouldn’t give up the practice sessions just yet…

So, Just How Do You Choose Indoor Soccer Shoes?

Although the following points may seem obvious, they are frequently overlooked but are the most important to consider.

  • Indoor Soccer Soles. If you play mainly on indoor or artificial surfaces then shoes with non-marking rubber soles will clearly be required unless you want to run the risk of being sent off before you even commence play.
  • Turf Soccer Soles. Turf soccer shoes are more robust and the better makes generally feature tougher rubber soles than their indoor counterparts. Also, rather than a relatively smooth surface on the soles, turf shoes will usually have a rubber pattern or studs to give a better grip on hard grass or artificial grass surfaces.

There is also the important question of the shoes’ upper body. Discounting cheap plastic shoes, there are four main types of material used in good quality soccer shoes.

  • Leather. Most of the top brand names use either calf-skin or goat leather for their boots. This is the most expensive option but it does give the shoe a natural feeling and overall better fit. However, leather lacks the durability of cheaper options and will wear out more quickly.
  • Synthetic Leather. Cheaper to manufacture and therefore reducing the costs of soccer shoes, a lot of the top companies now provide this choice in their products. Synthetic leather is now almost indistinguishable from the authentic article and has the added bonus of lasting longer as well as being water-resistant.
  • Synthetic. Synthetic mixes combine polyurethane with synthetic leather. Again, this is longer lasting but tends to make the shoes less flexible.
  • Mesh. This is a fairly recent innovation whereby the manufacturers introduce mesh panels into the shoes upper construction. The chief benefits of a mesh upper are a reduction in price and making the shoe lightweight.

Top 10 Indoor Soccer Shoes Ratings

PictureNameManufacturerUppers/SolePriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameManufacturerUppers/SolePriceRating (1-5)
1. adidas Performance Men's Samba Classic Indoor Soccer ShoeAdidasSynthetic Leather and Mesh/ Rubber$$4.5
2. adidas Performance Mundial Team Turf Soccer CleatAdidasLeather/Rubber$$$$4.5
3. PUMA Momentta Vulc Sala Country Indoor Soccer ShoePumaSynthetic Leather and Mesh/Rubber$$$4.3
4. Walstar Mens Indoor Soccer Cleats Sneakers ShoesWalstarSynthetic/Rubber$4.3
5. ASICS Men's Tokuten Indoor Soccer ShoeAsicsSynthetic/Rubber$4.2
6. Diadora Men's Forza Turf ShoeDiadoraLeather and Synthetic/Rubber$$4.2
7. PUMA Men's evoPOWER 4 Indoor Soccer ShoePumaSynthetic/Rubber$$$4.2
8. KELME STAR 360 7.5 D(M) US BlackKelmeLeather and Synthetic Leather with Mesh/Rubber$$4.1
9. ASICS Men's Copero S Turf Soccer ShoeAsicsSynthetic/Rubber$$4.0
10. Nike Men's NIKE DAVINHO INDOOR SOCCER SHOESNikeSynthetic/Rubber$$3.6

Top 3 Best Indoor Soccer Shoes Reviews

1. Adidas Performance Samba Classic

Classic by name and classic in nature this shoe has everything going for it and no drawbacks. From the meshed-leather upper with overlain suede to the excellent grip provided by the rubber soles, these shoes are a joy to wear and well worth the outlay.

These shoes are so well made that they were a perfect fit from the word go. The uppers provide a perfect cushion for even the hardest strikes of the ball and the grip on the both wooden floors and turf was faultless. Straightaway, I felt more assured both of my ball control and striking without the usual nagging fear of losing my footing (as has been known to happen).

The Samba Classic is probably the best selling soccer shoe today and with good reason. Apart from added ball control, the shoes are lightweight and the rubber soles don’t leave the tell-tale black marks that some cheap shoes do. The Samba Classic is truly well-named and you would have to search far and near to find its match in the current market.

2. Adidas Performance Mundial Team Turf

Another pair of class soccer shoes from Adidas who seem to dominate the market in football shoes these days and probably with some justification. The Performance Mundial shoes are reasonably priced for the quality they deliver and compare favorably with the Samba Classic.

These soccer shoes were primarily designed for synthetic surfaces and work well on both turf and soccer courts. As with the Samba Classic, I liked the light weight of the shoes, which almost feel like wearing sneakers, and the cushioned uppers takes the sting out of the hardest soccer ball strikes.

It was a tough call between the Mundial and Samba Classic but either of these soccer shoes could rightfully claim to be best indoor soccer shoes available today with little argument from me.

3. PUMA Momentta Vulc Sala

On first inspection and when I put these shoes on, I wasn’t sure if they would be durable enough for indoor soccer but two months on and my fears have been consigned to the scrap heap. Not only do the Puma Momentta make excellent soccer shoes but they are also perfect for everyday wear. A perfect combination as far as I’m concerned.

With synthetic leather uppers containing a breathable mesh, the Momentta are extremely comfortable whether playing soccer or simply wearing while out and about. The mesh is a nice feature, allowing your feet to breath although it is still advisable to change shoes (and socks) occasionally.

The upper shoe is scuff resistant, while the cushioned insole makes these shoes extremely comfortable to wear for long periods.

Perhaps not the best shoes for serious indoor soccer, the Momentta is still more than good enough for practice games and the rubber soles provide good grip without leaving their mark on the surface.

All in all, the Puma Momentta Vulc Sala is a decent soccer shoe with the added attraction of being perfectly suited for everyday wear and is worth considering on both counts.


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