Best Treadmill for Home Use 2017

Best Treadmill for Home Use 2017

The issues for runners, walkers and overall athletes are all the same when searching for the best treadmill for home usage. Users always want the best one for their money, but choosing the right machine becomes even more difficult when weighing up the issues of space and quality.

It seems that all of the highest quality treadmills are also the ones that cost the most and are the biggest. For serious runners that need a machine to handle their routine or for beginners looking to progress quickly, this high quality is necessary. There is not often room for such serious workout equipment in the home so finding the balance is key.

Below is a list of some of the most important things to think about when buying a treadmill. Consider each of these aspects as they would pertain to your workout and personal preferences to find the machine that will enhance your fitness routine.

What to Consider About Buying a Treadmill

  1. Personal Use. Personal goals and fitness needs should play a big of a part in deciding which machine is the best. If you are training for a marathon then your needs will be much different than those of a person needs a walking treadmill.
  1. Number Of Users. Chances are there will be more than one person in the house using the treadmill. If this is the case, then the needs of the other users should be considered in the purchase.
  1. Space. A treadmill will take up a lot of room in your home when it is in use and even when it is put away. Being familiar with the available space or even getting exact measurements will help to make the right decision about the best home treadmill size to buy.
  1. Testing. This can mean trying out the same treadmill you wish to buy at the local gym or in the store. Companies will often allow users to buy the treadmill and return it if they are unsatisfied with the performance. Choosing a treadmill from a company that allows this makes it a risk-free investment.

Top 10 Best Treadmills for Home Comparison Chart

PictureNameSizePriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameSizePriceRating (1-5)
1. LifeSpan TR 1200i Folding Treadmill70” Length
33” Width
54” Height
2. Exerpeutic TF1000 Walk to Fitness Electric Treadmill63” Length
51.2” Width
32” Height
3. Confidence GTR Power Pro Motorized Electric Treadmill52" Length
52" Width
25.2" Height
4. Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill67” Length
10” Width
30” Height
5. LifeSpan TR200 Compact Treadmill60.5” Length
30.5” Width
51.5” Height
6. LifeSpan TR4000i Folding Treadmill74” Length
35” Width
52” Height
7. Confidence Power Plus Motorized Electric Treadmill Black49" Length
11" Width
24" Height
8. ProForm Power 1495 Treadmill72” Length
34” Width
51” Height
9. Auwit AUW-501B Series Electric Motorized Folding Treadmill50” Length
22” Width
24” Height
10. Schwinn 840 Treadmill126” Length
21” Width
40” Height

Ease of Use

A treadmill becomes useless if it is too difficult to use, so picking one with the best features that is also going to be straightforward for the user before, during and after a workout is the best treadmill for home use.

The console at the front of the treadmill with all of the controls should not only be easy to use but also easy to see. Large digital consoles with only the essential buttons for operation and a clear display screen are best.

The features included on this console also need to be just right for the user. If there are too many then the runner or walker is more likely to become overwhelmed with the options and revert to using only a small percentage available.

If there are too few features then the user may not be able to vary their workout enough or gather useful information about their performance. Treadmills can come with heart monitors, training intervals and user profile options that should be considered when buying.

In addition to electronic features there is also the safety of the machine to consider. This includes the stability of the handrails, a safety key and gradual stops rather than abrupt ones. These are all things to consider when looking for the best treadmill for home workouts.


The programs available on the machine should be the ones that fit your workout. If these programs are missing it could determine the usefulness of the treadmill for a specific user.

Top 5 Best Home Treadmill Reviews

1. LifeSpan TR 1200i

The LifeSpan TR 1200i is as close as you will get to a professional treadmill that is intended for home-use. In fact, it would take a budget double the amount this equipment costs to get anything noticeably better.

The assembly of the treadmill is very easy and most of the machine comes put together so you will quickly be able to use it. It takes less than twenty minutes to assemble.

In terms of features, the LifeSpan 1200i is perfect. It runs extremely quietly, something that is actually surprising the first time the treadmill is used. The display is large and easy to use throughout using the machine.

This model really is ideal for every level of runner whether just starting out or looking to upgrade from an old treadmill. It brings the quality of gym equipment right into your home.

2. Exerpeutic TF 1000 Walk to Fitness

Firstly, the Exerpeutic TF 1000 is a walking treadmill. Often reviews of home-use treadmills forget one of the main reasons that a treadmill is bought, which is to recover for some kind of injury, which is what a walking treadmill suits best.

With an easy set-up the Exerpeutic TF 1000 is great as a home treadmill. It is also quiet, as it has a smaller motor than regular treadmills. There is no way of disturbing other people in the house when using it, which makes it even better for family use.

This treadmill also has a range of features that are unique to the walking category of machine. It has a limit of 4mph that can be controlled on the handlebar. It can also be inclined at 3% or 6%, which can present a fitness challenge for anyone if used for long enough.

3. Confidence GTR Power Pro

This is the perfect option for someone looking for the smallest motorized treadmill on the market that still provides a high standard of workout. It is 52 inches long and it is actually quite slim for a treadmill but not dangerously so.

The Confidence GTR Power Pro has a top speed of 7.5 mph so it is possible to get a slightly more advanced workout on the treadmill. Due to its size it is more regularly used for walking. Even at its top speed the machine is quiet and sturdy.

For a smaller space or combining your treadmill with a working desk, the Confidence GTR Power Pro is a great and relatively inexpensive option.

4. Weslo Cadence G 5.9

The Weslo Cadence G 5.9 is the right treadmill for those looking for a basic machine that provides consistent quality for many years. It has a sleek design that means it fits into a home easily but without sacrificing too much running room. Even more advanced runners with larger frames will be comfortable on the Weslo Cadence G 5.9.

It is completely collapsible, which helps with storage. It comes with a basic display that has all of the necessary information and a range of programs. Although it isn’t the quietest model on the market it is certainly not the loudest either.

For a larger home treadmill that still provides mobility and access to a full workout, the Weslo Cadence G 5.9 is everything you could need.

5. LifeSpan TR200 Compact

The LifeSpan TR200 Compact is exactly what its name suggests; it is one of the most compact treadmills on the market and will fold up into incredibly small spaces. This makes it the best choice for a machine that you don’t want to keep out all of the time.

The display is small but it clearly shows all of the necessary information. The LifeSpan TR200 Compact has a top speed of 8mph, which is fast enough for most joggers. It has a range of program options and inclines which makes for an adjustable workout. There is also no assembly involved in this treadmill, which is a great added bonus.


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