6 Best Tennis Racquets for Beginners 2018

6 Best Tennis Racquets for Beginners 2018

Whether you are just becoming interested in tennis as a casual hobby, something to do with your kids or it is going to be something you would like to get serious in, you will start as a beginner and need the appropriate racquet. The issue with choosing the best tennis racquet for beginners is deciding which one will be right for the type and the amount of play that will happen.

Beginners should aim to buy medium range racquets that can be used for both beginners and be used for the transition to becoming a more intermediate player.

Things Players Should Consider

  • Price: Beginners are in luck in terms of how much their racquet will cost. If you are new to the game and are not planning to progress in skill quickly then you can find a quality racquet that costs around $30. These aluminum racquets often come pre-strung and with a cover for the head.
  • Material: Many beginner racquets are made of aluminum. This flexible material is good for a player that does not hit too hard and will not bend the racquet through force. This material allows the player to get used to the feel of the racquet and get a predictable response from hits. Beginners that are interested in becoming quite skilled quickly may want to invest in a more expensive graphite racquet that is less flexible, allowing for harder hits and more control from the player rather than the racquet itself.

Top 6 Tennis Racquets for Beginners Complete Chart

PictureNameBeginner FeaturePriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameBeginner FeaturePriceRating (1-5)
1. Wilson Tour Slam Adult Strung Tennis RacketFrame designed to provide great power and stability.$4.5
2. Head Ti S5 Comfort Zone Tennis RacquetLarger sweetspot for easier control.$$$$4.5
3. Wilson Energy XL Adult Strung Tennis RacketReasonable weight and appropriately balanced.$4.4
4. Head Liquidmetal 4 Tennis RacquetLighter weight and sweetspot optimized for performance.$$4.4
5. Wilson Federer Adult Strung Tennis RacketQuality shock pads to reduce vibration and increase control.$4.1
6. Wilson [K] Zero Strung Performance Value Tennis RacketOne of the lightest racquets on the market.$$$4.0

Advice for Buying Good Beginner Tennis Racquets

Beginner tennis players should take into account the following advice and features of the racquets being considered for purchase:

  1. Power. The head size, frame flexibility and string tension are all factors in the amount of power that a player will get from the racquet they use. A larger head gives more power and a larger sweetspot, tighter strings provide more power and more frame flexibility can create more absorption of shock from the ball.
  1. Length. Generally racquets for adults are 27 inches long. Longer racquets give the player of any skill level more reach and leverage but can possibly reduce maneuverability.
  1. Weight. The racquet should be heavy enough to absorb the shock of the ball hitting the strings but should also be easy to handle.
  1. Balance. Racquets can be balanced with more weight towards the head or the handle. The best tennis racquet for beginners is highly debated but it seems there is more evidence to support a racquet that has more head weight for improved stability.

Top 3 Best Tennis Racquet for Beginners Reviews

1. Wilson WRT32230U4-Parent

You could not find a more reliable racquet than the Wilson Tour Slam Adult Strung to pick up the hobby. The oversized head makes it easy for new players to get adjusted to playing with a larger area with which to hit the ball.

The low price for this racquet makes it great value for money. The Wilson Tour Slam Adult Strung is flexible in terms of the material of the frame and the tension in the strings but this is great for learning to manipulate the playing.

2. Head Ti S5

The Head TiS5 Comfort Zone is a lightweight beginner racquet that makes it easy for players to get familiar with the game without making too much of an investment. If you are just starting or have some experience, this racquet will serve you well.

This is one of the racquets that can be used for beginners to transition into being intermediate players as they begin to hit harder and gain more control. You will definitely be able to feel the increased power that this racquet gives you when you play.

3. Wilson Energy XL

Getting the Wilson Energy Extra Large as a beginner racquet is a great decision because of the performance of the racquet and its value for money. The high quality of the materials that have been used to make the frame, the strings and the handle work together to give you more power as your play.

The larger head and the lightweight feel of this racquet make it great for beginners of all ages too. Even though it is light it is solid as well, allowing new players to begin hitting harder as they progress.


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