10 Best Single Pin Bow Sights 2018

10 Best Single Pin Bow Sights 2018

If you are a bowhunter or archery enthusiast, you know how important it is to have a reliable sight. Archery technology changes faster than hunting seasons. One of the latest trends in archery is the single pin bow sight.

With a properly installed single pin sight, it is easier to acquire precise, to-the-yard accuracy and improved long-range target success. However, deciding which is the best single pin bow sight for your shooting needs can be a confusing process.

We’ve done the research and cut through the hype to bring you this handy and informative guide. Use it to help narrow down your options and increase your bow shooting accuracy.

Top 10 Single Pin Bow Sights Comparison Table

PictureNamePin DiameterPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNamePin DiameterPriceRating (1-5)
1. Spot Hogg Tommy Hogg 1 Pin 0.019 - Right Hand0.019 inches$$$$5.0
2. HHA Optimizer Lite 5519 0.019 inches$$$4.6
3. HHA DS-5019 Optimizer Lite Ultra 5000 .019 Sight (Black) 0.019 inches$$$$4.6
4. Apex Gear Covert 1-Pin Sight .019" / .010" 0.019/0.010 inches$$4.5
5. Trophy Ridge React-One 1 Pin Bow Sight 0.010$$4.4
6. Trophy Ridge Drive Slider Bow Sight 0.029 inches$$4.2
7. Spot Hogg Hogg Father Sight 0.019 inches$4.2
8. Trophy Ridge Clutch 1 Pin Bow Sight 0.010 inches$$$$4.2
9. TRUGLO - Archer's Choice Range Rover 0.019 inches$$4.1
10. Trophy Ridge Pursuit Vertical Pin Bow Sight 0.019 inches$$3.9

Advantages of Single Pin Bow Sights

Single pin bow sights gained popularity on the archery scene thanks to tournament 3D shooters. Because 3D shooters need precision pins for all distances, many tournament archers turned to single pin sights to facilitate accurate to-the-yard shooting.

Single pin sights have started to trend among 3D target archers, and now bowhunters are also making the move from fixed pins to single pin sights for a myriad of reasons. Here are just a few of the reasons why.

  • Simple Adjustment. Single pin sights are easy to set up at the archery range. Instead of having to make complicated adjustments with specialized tools for each fixed pin, setting up a single pin sight is much simpler.

With a single pin sight, you set and mark the sight for 20 yards. Then you set and mark the sight for another yardage, usually 40 yards. Then you just mark the gaps in between. For example, thirty yards would be half the distance between your marks for 20 and 40 yards. Some sights even come with pre-made tapes to mark the distances for you. A pendulum wheel allows you to adjust the sight up and down in precise increments to easily adjust for any target at any distance.

  • Clearer Sight Picture. A single pin bow sight eliminates the clutter of multiple sight pins in your field of view when you aim. Multiple pins can be a distraction. With multiple pins clogging up your sight picture, it can also be easy to aim with the wrong pin, especially when adrenaline kicks in during an exciting hunt.

With a single pin bow sight, there is only one pin in your sight picture; this allows you to more easily focus on your down-range target, especially when that target is moving.

  • Improved Accuracy. Because single pin bow sights can be honed to small half-yard increments, archers can achieve pinpoint accuracy at distances in between the traditional settings of a fixed pin sight. Yardage adjustments are fast and easy. All you do is move the wheel, and you’re good to go.

Top 3 Best Single Pin Bow Sight Reviews

1. Spot Hogg Tommy Hogg 1 Pin 0.019

Spot Hogg sights are known in the archery industry for pinpoint precision adjustments and rugged field durability. With a Hardened Rail Design (HRD), the Tommy Hogg 1 Pin Bow Sight won’t buzz during shooting. The durable design also ensures that vibrations from your bow won’t play with your sight settings. The sights stay true even after hours of shooting.

It is easy to install and dial in settings, thanks to simple, straightforward instructions. Once installed, the Tommy Hogg bow sight gives ample quiver clearance without sacrificing adjustability.

Whether you choose to use this sight for hunting or target shooting, you won’t be disappointed. Dependable, durable, accurate, and simple to use, the Spot Hogg Tommy Hogg is hands down the best single pin bow sight you will find on the market today.

2. HHA Optimizer Lite 5519

With 5 feet of fully-protected fiber optics, the pin on the HHA Optimizer Lite glows brightly even in low light. Perfect for early down or dusky twilight hunting where other pins all but disappear. Instead, this pin really pops making it easy to line up with your downrange target.

The smooth elevation arm makes field adjustments a breeze, no tools required. Moreover, with one of the archery industry’s most accurate sight tapes, it’s no wonder the HHA Optimizer Lite received Bowhunting World’s Reader’s Choice Award for best movable sight pin.

This sight weighs in at 8 ounces and accepts lens kits for hunters and target shooters who want to incorporate magnification into their single pin bow sight. It has a simple standard lever arm for adjustments, making set-up fast and easy. You will have this sight installed and shooting accurately in less time than it takes to watch your favorite hunting video.

3. HHA DS-5019 Lite Ultra 5000 .019 Sight

Similar to the HHA Optimizer Lite, this Ultra version has all the dependability and reputation plus a few extra features. Rather than a lever design, the Ultra utilizes a dial and gears to move the pin instead of the simple lever arm of the standard HHA Optimizer. The wheel design offers unprecedented precision yard accuracy. Also, the Ultra comes with an integrated harmonic dampener to help dampen noise and vibration.

One of the most versatile single pin bow sights on the market, the HHA Optimizer Lite Ultra is rugged and durable enough to withstand the standard bumps and abuse of seasons of hunting, yet maintain the accuracy necessary for winning on a tournament course.

The only downside to this sight is its weight. At a whopping 11 ounces, this sight adds heft to your bow that can feel like a brick when you’re hiking miles over rugged terrain in search of big game. Still, some hunters and target shooters find the accuracy this single pin bow sight offers worth the extra ounces.


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