10 Best Bow Strings 2018

10 Best Bow Strings 2018

Even some experienced archers may not realize how much their bow string affects their shooting. There are many factors that your choice of bowstring can influence, including draw speed, arrow speed, the accuracy of the arrow in flight, and the amount of noise generated upon release.

Ask a dozen different archers what the best bow string is, and you will get a dozen different answers. Often a matter of personal preference, there are a lot of different bowstrings available to the modern archer on today’s market. With so many opinions and options, choosing the right string for your bow shooting needs can feel like you’re shooting blind.

That is why we’ve compiled this handy resource guide. Use it to educate yourself and help you sort through the options so you can get out in the field and start shooting.

Top 10 Bow Strings Comparison Table

PictureNameMaterialPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameMaterialPriceRating (1-5)
1. BCY 3D End Serving .016 120yd Black BCY$$$4.7
2. Compound String B50 35in 16st Blk MCS--SEL B-50 Dacron$4.6
3. Trad Gear Accessories B-50 Dacron REPLACEMENT RECURVE BOWSTRING B-50 Dacron$4.3
4. RingingRocksArchery.com Add a B-50 Dacron Bow String to my Order! B-50 Dacron$4.3
5. Trad Gear FLEMISH - Fast Flight Plus - REPLACEMENT RECURVE BOWSTRING 452X$$$4.2
6. ISPORT Archery Hunting Braided Replacement Bowstring Traditional Recurve Bow String Nylon$$4.1
7. 60X Custom Strings Black 18 Strand Dacron B50 Longbow Bowstrings B-50 Dacron$$4.1
8. Zebra Z7 Trophy Strings, 86.875-Inch BCY$$$$4.0
9. Compound Bow String J&D 36" B50 Compound String 16-strand #7296 B-50 Dacron$$$3.9
10. Premium Gear 2-TONE Brown / Yellow - Replacement B-50 DACRON RECURVE BOWSTRING B-50 Dacron$$3.9

How to Choose the Perfect Bow String

When you should replace your bow string depends on several factors, including how often your shoot, shooting conditions, and how you store your bow when you aren’t shooting. Even if you do not shoot often, it is important to remember that your bow string and cables are constantly under extreme tension; this is true when it is sitting in storage, as well as when it is fired.

A general rule of thumb is to change your string annually for a target bow and once every two years for a hunting bow. Since target bows see more use than the typical hunting bow, which causes faster wear on the string and cables.

Bowstrings come in four basic types:

  • 452X. Made from blended materials like Dyneema and Vectran, 452X has been around the archery circuit for a long time. This material is prone to fuzzing and fraying over time, so you’ll need to wax it regularly to keep it shooting well.
  • 8190. Made from 100 percent Dyneema, this type of bowstring is durable and long-lasting. It shoots consistently in extreme temperature ranges and requires only occasional waxing. Bowstrings made with 100 percent Dyneema have a slightly faster arrow speed than those that are partially constructed from Vectran.
  • BCY. This type of bowstring works well on both compound and recurve bows. It doesn’t fuzz easily and is resistant to the kind of loosening “string creep” of some other bow string materials. String creep is a stretching or elongation of the string that happens over time. Excessive creep can throw off the timing of a compound bow, causes the peep sight to rotate, and can increase both draw length and draw weight.
  • B-50 Dacron. Made from 100 percent polyester, this material has an amazing resistance to abrasion. Used by archers for decades, B-50 Dacron is safe to use in older bows as well as newer models.
  • Ultra-Cam. Comprised of 56 percent Vectran and 44 percent HMPE (High Modulus Polyethylene), ultra-cam bow strings are some of the most durable strings on the market today. This material is a favorite choice of professional archers and shoots well even in extreme weather conditions.

Top 3 Best Bow String Reviews

1. BCY 3D End Serving .016 120yd Black

Made from three-ply Dyneema, this string grips well yet is easy to manage and feed through cams and modules. It is supple enough to tie well, holds a knot dependably, and burns down nicely to seal ends and protect from fraying. It is surprisingly tough and durable considering the material’s flexibility, but this string is tough enough for bows with heavy draw weights.

This bowstring can also be used for tying in peep sights, whisker silencers, or D-loops on heavier bowstrings. It can also be used for end loops or a center serving on custom-made bowstrings. You are sure to be impressed with the versatility, durability, and utility or this quality bowstring.

2. Compound String 35in 16st Blk MCS–SEL

This affordable bow string is made from quality B-50 material with a mono center serving and reinforced served end loops. It makes a fantastic replacement bowstring for older compound bows that require a thicker bowstring than some of the newer model compounds.

It’s hard to find quality like this these days. This highly durable bowstring resists fraying. It shoots well in extreme heat without stretching or loss of arrow accuracy. If you’re looking for sturdy dependability in a bowstring, look no further than this Compound String B50 black bowstring.


This American made bow string is made from sixteen strands of B-50 Dacron material with a number 4 nylon center and loop serving. With the extra nylon reinforcement, the loops are tight enough to fit securely without slipping or loosening even with repeated use. It is durable enough to use on bows with a draw weight up to 65 pounds and holds up well to heavy use.

This string is made for use with a recurve or longbow. You can experience all the challenge and excitement of shooting a primitive weapon with a modern edge that is durable, dependable, and effective. It is hands down the best bow string for primitive archers on the market today.


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