10 Best Scales for Weight Loss 2018

10 Best Scales for Weight Loss 2018

If you have ever tried to lose weight, you know that one of the most useful tools to help you track progress is a scale. However, today’s scales do more than measure body weight. The modern bathroom scale has evolved into a complex device full of options that do everything from track your heart rate to monitor your body’s level of hydration.

With so many high-tech options, determining which scale is the right tool for your weight loss journey can be complicated, which is why we created this practical guide. Use it to assist you in finding the best scale for weight loss, and you will be well on your way to a healthier lifestyle.

Top 10 Scales for Weight Loss Comparison Chart

PictureNameBatteriesPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameBatteriesPriceRating (1-5)
1. Yunmai SE Digital Body Weight Scale - Fitness APP with Hidden LED Display 3 AAAs$$$$4.8
2. ETTG TT-538B Bluetooth Smart Body Wireless Digital Fat Scale3 AAAs$$$$4.7
3. EatSmart Precision Premium Digital Bathroom Scale with 3.5" LCD and "Step-On" Technology 4 AAAs$$$4.5
4. Etekcity Stainless Steel Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale, Step-On Technology, 400 Pounds 2 AAAs$$4.5
5. SKYROKU Digital Body Weight Scale, Bathroom Scale with Extra Large LCD Display and Step-On Technology 2 AAAs$4.5
6. poshei Bluetooth Body Fat Scale High Accuracy Digital Weight Bathroom Scale 4 AAAs$$$4.5
7. multifun Bluetooth Body Fat Scale, multifun Body Composition Monitor 4 AAAs$$$$4.4
8. Ozeri Precision Pro II Digital Bath Scale (440 lbs Capacity) with Weight Change Detection Technology 2 AAAs$$$4.2
9. X-Sense Digital Bathroom Scale, Body Weight Monitor 2 AAAs$$$$4.2
10. Digital Body Bath Scale - Measures Weight, Fat, Muscle, Bone & Hydration 4 AAAs$$$$4.2

How to Choose a Bathroom Scale for Weight Loss

Today’s modern bathroom scales look nothing like the one your mom used. Her standard analog scale had only one job – to weigh things. With a pen and notebook, she could track her weight, but today’s smart scales do so much more. Here are a few options to look for.

  • Bluetooth Connectivity. Some weight loss scales have the capability of connecting to your smartphone or other synced device. All you do is download an app or connect your fitness monitoring device to get data from your scale. Then you can easily monitor your progress from almost anywhere; this is a handy option to use in conjunction with calorie counters and activity monitors. It enables you to use data from several devices to optimize your weight loss efforts.
  • Wi-Fi Capability. Some smart scales on the market offer Wi-Fi connectivity to interface with weight loss and fitness websites. With the help of the scale and password protected access to the website, you chart your progress over time and monitor healthy or potentially destructive habits.
  • Interactive Apps. Some scales come with a free downloadable app that works with your iOS or Android. You simply take a picture of the scale using your phone and the data is transferred to the app. The information is available on your phone even if you are unable to connect to the internet.
  • Body Composition Measurements. With the ability to measure more than just your BMI (body mass index), some modern digital scales can measure body fat, muscle mass, and even hydration levels. Using a process called Bioelectrical Impedance, these scales send a small imperceptible electric current through the body to measure total body water (TBW). This measurement is then used by the device to calculate fat-free body mass.

Top 3 Best Scale for Weight Loss Reviews

1. Yunmai SE Digital Body Weight Scale

With an easy 5-second set-up and convenient local customer service, you’ll be tracking your weight loss in no time. The Yunmai app syncs directly with your Apple Health, Fitbit, or Google Fit device, so you can record your weight tracking graphs.

The easy-to-use app will run you step by step through the set-up process. All you do is answer a few basic questions, such as height and age, and then choose whether you want your weight measured in pounds, kilograms, or stones. After your setup is complete, you just open the app and step on the scale. Bluetooth connects you immediately.

Don’t be fooled by its sleek, minimalist design. Despite its compact size, the Yunmai SE measures up to ten different body composition statistics, including body mass index, hydration, bone mass, body age, visceral fat, and more.

Tracking weight loss becomes a simple no-brainer with this digital body weight scale and the fitness app that comes with it. Try it, and you’ll understand why this is the best scale for weight loss available in today’s market.

2. ETTG TT-538B Digital Fat Scale

This digital scale is equipped with four precision sensors and uses smart technology to track body weight, body fat, body water, muscle mass, body mass index, bone mass, and visceral fat by transmitting all data directly to your phone or tablet. This scale instantly and seamlessly uploads measurements with Bluetooth connectivity. Tracking your weight loss doesn’t get any simpler than this.

With the ability to store information for up to eight different users, the ETTG Digital Scale makes it easy for your whole family to track their progress. The free app allows you to view, store, track, and compare with the simple touch of a finger.

Not only is this scale accurate, durable, and dependable, it also makes an attractive addition to your bathroom décor. With its tempered glass platform and modern design, this isn’t a scale you’ll want to tuck in the back of the linen closet. You’ll want this scale out where you can see it and use it.

3. EatSmart Precision Premium Digital Bathroom Scale

A fantastic way to track your weight loss, this user-friendly digital scale features convenient “Step On” technology to give you fast easy-to-understand readings. The scale’s four precision sensors provide accurate readings every time you step on the safe non-slip surface.

Consistent and reliable the EatSmart Precision Premium Digital Bathroom Scale measures up to 400 pounds. Simple to operate and easy to calibrate, this scale gives you results within seconds. And when you are done, the auto power-off features activates to lengthen the life of your batteries.

The large, blue, backlit LCD screen is easy to read. It is tough and dependable, yet stylish and sleek with a contemporary feel. If you want consistent, trustworthy weight measurements every single time, you can’t go wrong with the EatSmart Precision Premium Scale.


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