10 Best Faceoff Heads 2017

10 Best Faceoff Heads 2017

In the past few decades, the game of lacrosse has been one of the fast growing sports in both popularity and number of schools with an accredited team. It is a highly competitive sport, with specialized positions that each require their type of lacrosse head. This is especially true for players that need to line up for a faceoff.

To have success in a faceoff, you will need speed, determination, skill, and only to use the best faceoff heads. Using the best equipment will help to guarantee that all of your hard work will pay off for your team.

However, since there are so many faceoff heads available, which ones are the best?

Luckily, for you, we have tested some heads and would like to detail them for you here in this guide. At the bottom of this article, you will also find in-depth reviews of what we have found to be the top three faceoff heads.

Top 10 Faceoff Heads Table

PictureNameTypePriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameTypePriceRating (1-5)
1. Brine Clutch Elite Unstrung Lacrosse HeadUnstrung$$$4.6
2. STX Lacrosse Duel U Unstrung Face-Off Lacrosse HeadUnstrung$$$4.5
3. Warrior Blade OG Lacrosse Head HS -White Unstrung$$$$4.5
4. Warrior Noz 2 X Unstrung Lacrose Stick Unstrung$$$4.5
5. STX Lacrosse Super Power U Strung Lacrosse Head, White Unstrung$$4.4
6. Warrior Revo 2 X Unstrung Head, Black Unstrung$4.2
7. Gait Lacrosse TORHU Torque Unstrung Head, WhiteUnstrung$4.2
8. Brine Dictator Unstrung Lacrosse Head, White Unstrung$$$4.0
9. Warrior Blade Pro PP Strung Lacrosse Head Pre-strung$$3.8
10. Brine Houdini Strung Lacrosse Head Strung$$3.7

Choose Your Faceoff Head Wisely

When you are looking for the best faceoff heads, there are a few criteria to keep in mind.

  • Unstrung or Pre-Strung. When purchasing any new head for lacrosse, you have the option to have it strung beforehand or to do it yourself once you receive it. This comes down to personal preference.

Some players prefer to string their heads themselves to ensure that it is done exactly to their liking. However, if you are newer to the sport and are unsure how to do this, you may want to find a pre-strung head.

  • Flexibility. To have success during a faceoff, you need to be able to get to the ball before your opponent does. Sometimes, this means scooping up a ground ball. If your faceoff head is too rigid, you will have a difficult time getting under the ball quickly, which would probably mean a lost faceoff.
  • Head Size. Lacrosse heads made with faceoffs in mind usually have a narrow bottom and wide top. This allows for a larger scooping area to gain control of the ball. The larger the area, the more scooping or pinching surface you will be able to use.
  • Head Strength. During a faceoff, you will be pushing, pulling, digging, scooping, and chopping. You do not want a head that is not built to stand up to lots of abuse.

Top 3 Best Faceoff Heads Reviews

1. Brine Clutch Elite Unstrung Lacrosse Head

In the world of lacrosse, Brine has made some of the best faceoff heads available. After all of our tests, the Clutch Elite is THE best available. Extremely lightweight, it balances flexibility and durability perfectly. It offers a wide scoop that makes it perfect for digging out possession during a faceoff.

Another key feature for the Clutch Elite is the placement of its stringing holes. Thanks to its design, users can place the mesh in such a way that allows them to pick the location of the pocket. This allows for customization based on preference as well as on field position and faceoff style.

The custom pocket placement will allow players to string the head in the way that best fits their skill level and faceoff style. Whether you choose to jam, clamp, rake, or scoop, this head will help you to perform at your best and gives you the best chance of winning.

Summary. The Clutch Elite is truly just that, elite. It offers customizable pocket location and a lightweight design that doesn’t compromise strength.

2. STX Lacrosse Duel U Lacrosse Head

The STX Duel U is a head that is designed specifically with faceoffs in mind. It has a myriad of features that will help you to win that next all important draw to give your team the advantage.

First of all, the head has a vast top that allows players to clamp or scoop up the ball quickly. This extra coverage area made it work well during our faceoff drills and enabled us to gain possession. Secondly, it features a rigid design that still allows for enough flexibility to easily get under an opponent’s stick or to get control over a ground ball.

It also features a shorter throat plug that allows players to choke up on their stick a bit more than other heads. This gives you added strength while you are jockeying for position and possession, enabling you to get the leverage your need to win your faceoff more times than not.

The only thing that kept this head from being our number one pick is its price tag. It was more expensive than our top pick, which might make it a non-starter for some consumers.

Summary. An impressive, and expensive, faceoff head designed for faceoffs. Rigid and durable overall, it still allows for plenty of flexibility. The shorter throat plug lets you choke up on the stick more, providing much-needed leverage.

3. Warrior Blade OG Lacrosse Head

This faceoff head is the most expensive, and least customizable, of our top three. As such, it is more of a fit for intermediate and advanced users who know what they want in a faceoff head and have no need to change an already successful formula.

It features a smaller amount of string holes than our other top picks, which again, lends itself to users who understand and love the configuration that it offers. The head features an incredibly durable sidewall and super flared face, which helps to gain possession during a faceoff. It had less flexibility because of its durability, but we still found it adequate for winning faceoffs successfully.

Summary. While the Warrior Blade OG is a great, durable faceoff head, it does have some drawbacks. The price tag, as well as its lack of customization options, keep it from being ranked higher on our list.


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