10 Best Peep Sights 2018

10 Best Peep Sights 2018

If you enjoy archer, whether bowhunting or tournament shooting, you probably already understand how using a peep sight will improve your shooting accuracy. A peep sight is a small aperture inserted into your bowstring that offers you another anchor point to improve draw consistency and sight alignment. When at full draw, you align the peep sight, the fore-sight pin, and the target. By using three points of reference rather than two you will shoot more accurately.

However, choosing the best peep sight for your archery needs can be a little overwhelming. There are a lot of peep sights on the market today and, while they may seem all the same at first glance, not all peep sights are created equal. That is why we’ve put together this resource guide to help you easily make an informed decision and find the right peep sight so you can start to improve your archery skills.

Top 10 Peep Sights Table

PictureNameDiameterPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameDiameterPriceRating (1-5)
1. TRUGLO - Versa Interchangable Peep Sight Insert Sets¼ inch without insert$$$$4.6
2. CmOre Peep - Oval Shaped Peep Sight ¼ inch oval$$$$4.5
3. Allen Automatic Peep Sight for Short Bows¼ inch$$4.3
4. RAD - Super Deuce Peep Sight 7/32 inch$4.3
5. Pine Ridge Archery Nitro Peep Sight ¼ inch$4.2
6. Allen Center View Peep Sight 3/16 inch$$4.2
7. TruGlo Centra Pro Series Archery Peep ¼, 1/6 or 3/16 inch$$$4.1
8. Apex AG401C Posi Peep 3/16 W/Tube 3/16 inch$$4.0
9. EBBQ Hot Shot EYE Peep Sight ¼, 1/8, 3/16, or 5/16 inch$$4.0
10. Carbon Express True Vision Peep Sight 3/16 inch$$3.8

How to Choose the Perfect Peep Sight

Here are a few factors to consider when choosing a peep sight for your bow.

  • Diameter. The smaller the diameter of the aperture, the more accurate your shooting. However, a smaller aperture narrows your sight picture, limiting peripheral vision. Therefore, you will generally find target shooters using smaller diameter peep sights than hunters.

Because hunters often need to aim at moving game, a larger aperture allows them to maintain sight contact with an animal as it moves. Also, peep sights with a smaller aperture allows less light through to the eye, making it more difficult to shoot in the low light conditions hunters often find themselves shooting in.

If you are looking for the best of both world’s try a peep sight that offers interchangeable apertures. This allows you to align and install one peep sight and just swap out the inserts to adjust the aperture size to your current shooting conditions.

  • Illumination. Peep sights often come with a reflective coating or feature an illuminated aperture. This allows you to easily locate the peep sight for fast aiming when shooting at dusk, dawn, or in other lowlight conditions.

If you shoot indoors or in bright sunlight, you will appreciate a peep sight with a non-reflective coating. This will cut extra glare and limit visual distractions so you can more easily focus on your target downrange.

  • Tubes. Some peep sights come with attached rubber tubing designed to ensure the peep rotates for perfect consistent alignment with every draw. This type of peep is designed for use with a compound bow and attaches to your bow’s cross cables.

Tubing is considered by many archers to be old outdated technology. With a properly installed peep sight on a modern bow with a quality bowstring, the peep should naturally rotate without the aid of added tubing.

While tubing can be useful, it adds another layer of complexity that isn’t necessary. There is also the risk of the rubber tubing snagging or snapping, and with the tubing located so close to the shooter’s eye, there is a danger of serious eye injury if the tubing fails while at full draw.

Top 3 Best Peep Sight Reviews

1. TRUGLO – Versa Interchangable Peep Sight

The versatile interchangeable inserts on this TRUGLO peep sight allows the archer to customize their peep for changing shooting conditions or personal preference. It features a lightweight, precision machined aluminum peep that is angled for perfect alignment every time, even on many of today’s bows with short axle-to-axle lengths.

The included inserts are color-coded black, red, and green and measure 1/8 inch, 5/32 inch, and 2/16 inch. The initial installation is easy and changing the inserts requires minimal time and effort. Choose the smallest aperture for the best accuracy or the largest for better shooting in low light. Either way, this TRUGLO Versa Interchangeable Peep Sight will improve your shooting.

This is definitely the best peep sight for versatility, accuracy, and convenience.

2. CmOre Peep – Oval Shaped Peep Sight

This innovative peep sight incorporates an oval design for faster target acquisition and better light transfer. The peep fits completely inside of your bowstring so there is no risk of snagging. The unique oval design allows you to hit your draw anchor points easier with every shot and facilitates increased visibility in extreme lowlight shooting conditions.

This is a popular peep sight for deer hunters who often find themselves shooting moving targets in fading light.

With the oval shape of this peep sight, helps prevent the shooter from losing sight of their sight housing when shooting long distances. If you want to increase your accuracy beyond 40 yards, this is the perfect peep sight for the job. If you want to shoot tight groups and extend your effective range, this peep sight will have you busting nocks in no time.

3. Allen Automatic Peep Sight

Designed with bowhunters in mind, this large aperture angled peep sight aligns easily and reliably every time. The peep sight comes with latex tubing, cable anchor, and complete easy-to-follow instructions. If you like the reliability of an old-school peep sight with rubber tubing, it doesn’t get better than the Allen Automatic Peep Sight.

This peep sight installs painlessly and the tubing ensures that the peep rotates to line up for a perfect aim with every shot. It works well with shorter modern bows.

There isn’t any flash or fuss with this traditional peep sight, just the kind of quality design, reliable construction, and dependable function that work together to improve your archery experience.


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