6 Best Low Top Basketball Shoes 2017

6 Best Low Top Basketball Shoes 2017

Basketball shoes are worn for the game and worn by those keeping up with the latest shoe trends. Knowing which sneakers are aimed at players and which ones are aimed at more fashion-focused buyers can mean making a completely different purchase.

Deciding whether a basketball sneaker looks good is easy. The difficulty comes for players that are considering all of the specs of a shoe to determine whether it will hold up to the style and frequency of playing they are used to. Players looking for a durable shoe that offers the best performance should consider this guide when making a choice.

Features to Think About

The best low top basketball shoes are the ones that provide support for players in the same way a high-top shoe would without limiting them in movements. If you do not have ankle problems then playing with a low top shoe can mean the difference between being able to pivot freely and being stuck in a game without the flexibility that low tops provide.

  • Cushion. The cushion in the basketball shoe that you choose will provide the support needed that having a shoe without the high ankle supports lacks.
  • Fit. The top low top basketball shoes are tight enough that the shoe is molded to the foot of the player without being too tight that there is damage caused to the players toes when they change directions or stop quickly.
  • Traction. Any court or surface used for playing basketball can get slippery and cause players to lose their footing, which can cause serious consequences during a game. Players should look for shoes that have traction on all necessary surfaces so they can keep up in the game without slipping.

Top 6 Low Top Basketball Shoes Chart

PictureNameBest FeaturesPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameBest FeaturesPriceRating (1-5)
1. Nike Jordan Men's Jordan Son Of Low Basketball ShoePartially designed by Spike Lee.$$$$4.6
2. Nike Jordan Men's Jordan Super.Fly 2 PO Basketball ShoeUses Nike’s hyperfuse special material for breathability and strength.$$$4.5
3. Nike Men's Air Ring Leader Low Basketball ShoeSoft footbed for ultimate comfort.$$4.5
4. adidas Performance Men's Isolation 2 Low Basketball ShoeOverall design to assist with mobility and stability.$4.4
5. Nike Men's Overplay VII Basketball ShoeMidsole cushioning for extra stability.$$4.3
6. Reebok Men's Royal BB4500 Low-Cut Basketball SneakerRemovable sockliner with odor-resistant properties.$3.6

Tips for Buying Good Low Top Basketball Shoes

Buying the best low top basketball shoes is all about knowing exactly what you plan to use them for.

  • Do you plan to wear them all the time and use them for playing?
  • Are you looking to use them for daily games or occasional pick-up basketball?
  • Which surface will you be playing on the most?

Answering these questions before you consider the options can narrow down the search and make spending your money more worthwhile.

You should weigh up your skill level, the frequency of play and how much money you are willing to spend on the shoes. Players that play often should focus on finding shoes that are as durable as possible. Beginners should invest in basketball shoes that are of good quality but do not break the bank unless these are the only ones you are looking to buy.

Tip: Players that use their shoes daily for intense games and practices should be prepare to replace their shoes every one or two seasons. No matter how high quality and how expensive the pair of basketball shoes are, shoes can only take a certain amount of wear and tear before they lose their cushion and stability.

Top 3 Best Low Top Basketball Shoes Reviews

1. Nike 580603-019

The Jordan Son of Low basketball shoes always come in styles that do not disappoint and they always fit as expected. This shoe is great for both being fashionable and for playing a game. These shoes are narrow which makes for a better fit once they have been broken in but they do need some time to mold to the specific wearer’s feet.

These sneakers are leather and synthetic materials that make the shoe more durable as they are also paired with a rubber sole that provides players with the right amount of traction.

2. Nike Jordan 645058-011

For players that are looking for performance and a more traditional style of basketball shoe, the Nike Jordan Super.Fly 2 PO is a great option. This shoe is incredibly comfortable which is made possible by the high quality leather and construction of the shoe. The design of this shoe makes it perfect for walking and wearing on a regular basis or for more intense playing too. It should be noted that all of the color options for this shoe are equally as beautiful and rich.

3. Nike 553486-012

The Nike Air Ring Leader is the shoe that really is the total package. This sneaker looks great with a nice silhouette, the color options are all stylish and the sneakers are durable as well. All of these features make it easy to wear the shoes on and off the court.

These sturdy shoes are great for playing basketball but are also comfortable and provide enough support and flexibility to be worn during other kinds of physical activity like visits to the gym.


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