10 Best Lighted Nocks 2018

10 Best Lighted Nocks 2018

If you are a bowhunter, you’ve probably hunted in the half-light conditions of dawn and dusk since that is when game is most active. While lowlight will offer your best opportunity for a good shot on a big whitetail, it also the perfect condition for losing an arrow.

Locating an arrow in the dark is next to impossible unless your arrow is outfitted with a lighted nock. A lighted nock helps you track your arrow in flight, allowing you to know exactly where it strikes the animal (or whether it is a clean miss), and then helps you locate it in the woods after the shot. While the principal behind lighted nocks is the same, the quality of these nocks varies greatly.

To help you in your hunt for the best lighted nock, we have compiled this comprehensive resource guide – hunting for game is a lot more exciting than hunting for equipment.

Top 10 Lighted Nocks Table

PictureNameColorPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameColorPriceRating (1-5)
1. Benail Led Automatically Lighted Arrow NocksBlue or Red$$4.8
2. Lumenok Signature Nock (3-Pack), Green Green$$$4.4
3. Nockturnal-H Lighted Nocks for Arrows with .233 Inside Diameter Including various Easton and Carbon Express Brands Green, Red, Blue, or Pink$4.3
4. aokur 3PCS 6.2mm Automatic Led Lighted Nock Compound Bow Arrow Nock Green or Red$$4.3
5. GWS Game Warning System Lighted Crossbow Nocks Green or Red$$4.2
6. TenPoint Crossbows Universal Lighted Crossbow Arrow Nock System 2.0 Red$$$$4.1
7. Nockturnal-S Lighted Nocks for Arrows with .244 Inside Diameter Green, Red, Blue, or Pink$4.1
8. Red Hot 38-3368 Nock Illuminated, Red, Powered By Lumenok Red$$$$4.1
9. Clean-Shot Archery Nock Out Crossbow Half Moon Nock Green, Red, or Yellow$$$$3.9
10. Carbon Express LAUNCHPAD Crossbolt Lighted Nock Blue, Green, or Red$3.5

Consider the Legality

While lighted nocks are an invaluable way to track your arrow’s flight, allowing you to know exactly where it makes contact with an animal before it runs off, they are not legal for hunting in some areas. Be sure to check all state and local regulations regarding the usage of lighted nocks before purchasing. Hunting with a lighted nock in areas where it is prohibited could land you with a hefty fine.


Lighted nocks come in a wide array of colors, including red, green, yellow, blue, and even pink. Be sure to choose a color that will stand out in stark contrast to the seasonal colors of the area you choose to hunt.

Here are some general guidelines to follow when deciding on the best color for your lighted knocks.

  • Red knocks are most visible when used for Spring turkey season. They are also a good option for early Fall hunts for whitetail or elk before the leaves start to change colors.
  • Blue lighted nocks offer a strong color contrast, but be aware that the blue lights tend to emit a duller glow than some other color options.
  • Green lights are an appropriate choice for late season hunts after most of the foliage has died out and turned brown. However, avoid using green-lighted nocks if you intend to track injured game after dark with night vision assistance since green lights are nearly invisible with most night vision technology.
  • Yellow nocks can easily disappear among most seasonal foliage. However, when hunting desert or rocky terrain they can be a useful alternative.
  • While pink may not be a popular color choice for most bowhunters, nocks lighted in pink offer a sharp, bright contrast in almost any hunting environment.

Battery Life and Replacement

The batteries that are included in most lighted nocks are not designed to be replaced. Instead, the nocks should be used until the battery dies, when you can replace the nock. While there are a few models on the market that offer easy battery replacement, they are difficult to come by. If you are planning a long hunting trip, be sure to pack extra replacement nocks in your quiver or backpack just in case you need them.

Top 3 Best Lighted Nock Reviews

1. Benail Led Automatically Lighted Arrow Nocks

These blue lighted nocks are waterproof and shock resistant. The on/off switch is activated by the bowstring upon release and lights automatically only after being fired. With more than 20 hours of battery life, you’ll have plenty of time to track and recover your arrow before the lights on these nocks begin to dim.

These nocks fit snugly into most arrows without compromising balance, weight, or accuracy.

The light can easily be turned off once the arrow has been recovered. If you want a reliable, easy-to-use, affordable bowhunting accessory, this is hands down the best lighted nock available to the modern bowhunter.

2. Lumenok Signature Nock

The best feature of the Lumenok Signature Nock is the patented Polymeric battery holder. This holder allows for easy battery replacement, but also protects against battery failure due to severe impact, a hazard in many hunting situations.

With no switches to malfunction or magnets to fail, the Lumenok is activated only when the arrow is fired and relies solely upon the conductivity of the arrow shaft to switch on. The brightness of the green light offers a fantastic contrast in the woods. Once you give these nocks a shot, you will wonder how you ever found any arrows without them.

3. Nockturnal-H Lighted Nocks

The piston-driven contact switch on these nocks ensures reliable, bright LED illumination every time you shoot. With high visibility and a long-lasting lithium battery, these nocks offer over 20 hours of bold lighted contrast. This means you shoot the arrow at dusk and the battery will keep the nock shining until you find it the following day.

There is no assembly required, so you can easily install these nocks right out of the package and be shooting successfully right away. Turning the light off after you’ve recovered your arrow is a bit tricky, however losing an arrow is almost an impossibility with these bright, reliable lighted nocks.


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