10 Best Disc Golf Putters 2017

10 Best Disc Golf Putters 2017

You’ve perfected your stance, but now to take your game to the next level, you need to find the best disc golf putter to help you perfect your techniques.

The putter is one of the most crucial pieces of equipment in a disc golf player’s bag of tricks. If you want to score low and be able to hang with the best of the best, you’ll need a good putter to get you there, which is what we will be highlighting for you today in our guide.

First, compare the top ten disc putters in our table, then scroll down for useful buying information as well as reviews of our three favorite disc putters.

Top 10 Disc Golf Putters Table

PictureNameWeight RangePriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameWeight RangePriceRating (1-5)
1. MVP Proton Medium Ion Putter150-175g$$$$4.8
2. Millennium Omega SuperSoft Putter140-175g$$$4.7
3. MVP Proton Soft Anode Putter 150-175g$$$$4.6
4. Innova DX Aviar Putt and Approach Golf Disc (Colors may vary) 145-175g$$4.5
5. Gateway S Super Stupid Soft Voodoo 150-175g$$$4.4
6. Gateway SuperSoft Wizard Disc Golf Putter165-175g$$$4.3
7. Gateway Band Stamp Wizard Disc Golf Putter 170-175g$$$4.3
8. MVP Proton Soft Ion Putter 150-175g$$$$4.3
9. Discraft Pro D Banger-GT Putter (Assorted Colors)164-174g$4.2
10. Discraft Pro D Soft Magnet 167-175g$$$$3.9

What Are the Key Things to Look for in a Disc Golf Putter?

This may seem like a straightforward purchase, but there are many considerations to take into account before selecting the best disc golf putter. You’ll need to look at these critical factors.

  • Weight. The weight of a disc golf putter makes a big difference come game time. A heavy putter won’t be swayed as much by high winds. However, the tradeoff is that you won’t get as much distance with a heavy putter as you will with a lighter one. That’s why many disc golf players rely on several different putters during a game.
  • Obstacles. One of the most challenging aspects of playing disc golf is working around the various obstacles in your course. If you have a tree that you need to work around, you may want a lighter putter that will help you curve around the obstacle.
  • Grip. You’ll want to make sure the grip of your putter is comfortable. If the putter feels wrong when you’re holding it because of a too-slick surface, it will be hard to get any kind of consistency with it. Likewise, if you’re used to playing with a firm putter, a soft one may be more difficult for you to grip.
  • Durability. Putters are made of plastic, and that plastic comes in different levels of hardness.

The harder the plastic, the more durable it will be. If you go with a low-grade plastic, they tend to scratch easily. One hard hit to an obstacle in your path could be enough to damage your putter so much that the flight pattern will be affected. The more durable plastics will be more expensive than the basic plastics will be.

  • What Time of Day You’ll Be Playing. If you like to play at night, you’ll want to buy a glow in the dark putter so you don’t lose it when you’re out there in the dark. You never know when your game will extend into the night, and having a glow in the dark putter will stop you from losing your putter on the course. It can be expensive to keep replacing lost putters.

Top 3 Best Disc Golf Putter Reviews

1. MVP Proton Medium Ion Putter

You can get the MVP Proton medium ion putter in a variety of weights ranging from 150-175 grams. Having that wide weight selection will help you be better prepared for the wind situations you’ll encounter.

This disc has medium stiffness and comes in a variety of colors. With a rounded edge, the putter has a small bead that gives it a neutral flight that will have plenty of glide.

The rubber that is edged along the putter is fairly hard – but it won’t stick to your hands when you’re trying to throw it, and it won’t bounce much either.

You’ll need to perfect your consistency to get the most out of this putter because it’s sensitive to slight variations you might make.

If you’re used to throwing with the soft discs that many people seem to like, you’ll have a bit of a learning curve with this because it is a little slicker.

2. Millennium Omega SuperSoft Putter

This putter offers a wide range of weights, 140-175g, which makes it a good choice for every player because they’ll be able to find a weight that suits them.

The soft plastic material lets you control every aspect of your throw, like the angle, pace, and direction. It offers a good grip that players, no matter what their expertise level is, should appreciate.

It will cling to the chains, and its floppy construction means you’ll get less rolling – it will simply die on impact when it hits the ground. That frees players up to take some risky shots because a miss won’t roll for a mile with this putter.

With the soft consistency, it will take extra practice to come up with a smooth release, especially if you aren’t used to a soft putter.

3. MVP Proton Soft Anode Putter

This is in contention for being a best disc golf putter because it doesn’t have as much fade on putts, and it can even be used for longer straight drives because of the stability it offers. It’s a versatile disc that can be used for close-up shots or ones that are further away.

The Anode is a beadless putter and a straight flyer that comes in different colors. It seems to stay on course after it’s thrown, and it’s particularly effective for approach shots. The key with this putter is to make sure your release is level, and if it is, you’ll get a long, straight shot.

Although it’s soft, it is still sturdy, and you’ll get much use out of this disc.


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