6 Best Ankle Braces for Soccer 2018

6 Best Ankle Braces for Soccer 2018

Why should you wear an ankle brace playing soccer?

If you have played soccer for years and have not, as yet, suffered an ankle twist, sprain, tear or worse then you are one of the lucky ones! Sports experts reckon that injuries to the ankle account for around 20% of all sports-related injuries and most of these could be avoided if the player took simple precautions. Having suffered several ankle injuries down through the years, I can assure you that it pays off to wear the best ankle brace for soccer you can find.

For those players with recurring or persistent ankle problems, playing without an ankle brace is not only foolish but also incurs the risk of aggravating old injuries or adding new ones. While ankle braces may not prevent more serious injuries from occurring, they will at least reduce the effects and also provide support for the most overworked joint in your body.

However, before wearing a brace of any kind, you should always consult a sports doctor or qualified medical personnel as to which is the right kind of support for you.

Who Needs Braces? Won’t Tape Do The Same Job?

In the good old days, taping the ankles was the only way to protect old injuries and it was, at best, a hit and miss affair.

  • Unless the tape is properly applied, usually by a trained sports medic, it is pretty pointless wearing it and an extra sock would do just as well.
  • There is also the added disadvantage that the tape will loosen and slip during the course of a game, thereby losing its effectiveness.

Nowadays, ankle braces have pretty much replaced tape and with good reason.

  • Modern soccer braces are designed specifically for sports wear.
  • Ankle braces allow for freedom of movement while, at the same time, protecting old injuries and helping to prevent new ones occurring.
  • The vast majority of ankle injuries are caused by over-stretching the tendons or ligaments in the joint and protective ankle braces help avoid these problems.
  • Ankle braces are lightweight but also strong, giving the protection you need but without limiting the manoeuvrability of the ankle joints.

Top 6 Ankle Braces for Soccer Chart

PictureNameConstruction/ Securing SystemPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameConstruction/ Securing SystemPriceRating (1-5)
1. McDavid Ankle with Strap (Black, X-Small)Nylon and Vinyl/ Velcro and Laces$$$$4.5
2. ASO Ankle Stabilizing Orthosis - Black - MediumCool Flex (copper)/ Velcro and Laces$$4.5
3. Mueller Soccer Ankle Brace-XXSNylon and Plastic/ Laces$4.4
4. adidas Adizero Left Ankle BraceNylon and Polyurethane/ Velcro$$4.1
5. Shock Doctor Ultra Wrap Lace Ankle SupportNylon, PU, Polyester and Latex/ Velcro and Laces$$$4.1
6. Aircast A60 Ankle Support Brace, Right FootNeoprene/ Velcro strips$$$$4.0

Choosing A Good Ankle Brace for Soccer

What you are looking for ideally is a sort of mini-shoe which covers the ankle joint as well as adding support under and above the ankle joint. These braces are referred to as Lace-Up or Semi-Rigid.

  • Usually quite similar in construction, the major differences are the methods of securing the braces to the ankle and the materials used in their manufacture.
  • The materials used vary from canvas, vinyl and nylon to neoprene (synthetic rubber), polyurethane (PU), soft plastics and leather while the braces are usually secured in place via laces or Velcro strips.
  • The type of braces you require will depend first and foremost on medical advice but also on the amount of support and compression your ankle requires, which in turn depends on the type of injury you received.

Top 3 Best Ankle Brace for Soccer Reviews

1. McDavid Ankle with Strap

McDavid, the manufacturers of the 195 Deluxe Ankle Brace, claim that wearing the 195 can make you three times less likely to suffer an ankle injury. That may well be true but I just wish they had told me before I popped my ankle ligaments in a “friendly” game of soccer five years ago! That said, I do have to acknowledge their other claims about this brace being comfortable to wear while providing the protection needed for even the most competitive games.

It is certainly lightweight as it is made almost entirely of nylon, yet still extremely strong, with a padded lining and feels almost like being taped up but without the associated worries of slipping or loosening during a match.

The McDavid 195 Deluxe Ankle Brace has not only helped prevent further damage to my suspect ankle but has also restored my confidence in running, turning and shooting.

Too late to prevent the original injury but not too late to once again enjoy the joys of soccer, the McDavid 195 Deluxe is the best ankle brace for soccer that I have tried and I can recommend it to fellow soccer enthusiasts who have suffered ankle injuries in the past or who wish to avoid them in the future.

2. ASO Ankle Stabilizing Orthosis

Before even trying the ASO Ankle Brace, I researched it online as it had been recommended by a soccer-playing friend. Between the fact that it is the preferred choice of sports medical experts, and my friend’s glowing reports, I decided to try out the ASO myself and was more than pleased with the results.

The ASO brace was tight but still comfortable to wear and the straps can always be adjusted for tightness in seconds without the need to remove my boots.

While I can feel the support and added strength the ASO braces give me, there is no sense of my movement being in any way restricted and the braces are made of lightweight Cool Flex (light copper) material which looks and feels like vinyl.

It is probably only because I have gotten used to the McDavid 195 that I tend to stick with it. However, I would not have any argument with someone who preferred the ASO style soccer brace.

3. Mueller Soccer Ankle Brace

The Mueller ankle braces are just about perfect for those soccer players with weakened ankles from previous injuries. Constructed almost entirely of nylon, but with built-in plastic stays, the braces are both lightweight and sturdy and provide great protection as well as support.

The front laces can be quickly tightened if required for extra compression but without limiting any movements of the ankle.

The Mueller ankle braces are ideal for those players recovering from recent injury but are probably slight overkill if all you need is support and protection.

While I wore Mueller braces in the early days of my rehabilitation, and still have them “just in case”, I find that the McDavid 195’s or the ASO ankle braces are sufficient for my personal needs.


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