10 Best Prenatal Yoga DVDS 2017

10 Best Prenatal Yoga DVDS 2017

You want to stay in shape during your pregnancy, but your normal yoga DVD won’t do the trick. With your expanding baby bump, you feel like you can barely touch your toes, let alone strike the poses you used to pre-pregnancy.

What you need is the best prenatal yoga DVD you can find. With a little work and the right DVD, you’ll be able to maintain your fitness level during your pregnancy and we will help you find a great yoga workout here in our guide.

Check out the top ten Yoga DVDs for the mom-to-be in our table and then scroll down to see what specific details you should be paying attention to as you shop for one.

Top 10 Prenatal Yoga DVDS Table

PictureNameNumber of DiscsPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameNumber of DiscsPriceRating (1-5)
1. Blooma Prenatal Yoga DVD1$$$4.5
2. Jane Austin Prenatal Yoga DVD 1$$4.3
3. Radiant Pregnancy: A Comprehensive Prenatal Yoga Practice for Each Trimester with Hala Khouri, M.A. 3$$$$4.3
4. Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga & Short Forms 2$$4.1
5. Element: Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga 1$$4.1
6. Prenatal Yoga with Desi Bartlett 1$4.1
7. @ Home with Hilaria Baldwin: Fit Mommy-to-be Prenatal Yoga 1$$4.1
8. Sara Holliday's Prenatal Yoga: Second Trimester DVD 1$$4.1
9. Crunch Yoga Mama - Prenatal Yoga 1$$3.8
10. Dr. Christine Anderson's Dynamic Prenatal Yoga 1$$$$3.8

Why Should You Go with a DVD?

When you’re expecting, things start changing for you. In the past, maybe you had the time and energy to head to the gym the minute you got off work. And you didn’t mind going to the gym for real yoga classes because you were the star of the class and your lithe yoga body looked good in your form-fitting workout clothes. These days, working out at your own house may be more appealing to you, and a DVD is the perfect way to do that.

What to Look for in a DVD?

You’ll have a lot of choices when it comes to finding the best prenatal yoga DVD. But here are a few things you should look for when making your purchase.

  • You Can Buy DVDs Based on What Trimester You Are In. You won’t feel the same from month to month, so you need a workout based on your current trimester. You’ll have different needs with each trimester.
  • Look for a DVD with Three Separate Sections. You may want a DVD that has the trimesters split up into separate sections of the DVD – you can simply skip the other sections until you get to that part of your pregnancy. It’s important to find a DVD that grows with you as your belly expands later in pregnancy. You may want something that can get you through your whole 9 months.
  • How You Want to Feel When Your Workout Is Over. Decide if you want to purchase a DVD that leaves you feeling relaxed or if you’d rather be energized at the end of your workout.

Top 3 Best Prenatal Yoga DVD Reviews

1. Blooma Prenatal Yoga DVD

The yoga practiced in this 60-minute DVD is meant to strengthen you and open your hips. But in the process of preparing your body, it also seeks to help prepare you mentally for childbirth. It teaches you how your yoga breathing exercises and poses can benefit you in the delivery room.

This DVD covers more than just yoga for moms-to-be – it also shows you five birth videos.

You won’t have to be a yoga pro to be able to do this video. It is appropriate for all levels, while still being challenging enough for women who have considerable yoga experience. While it isn’t fast paced, it also isn’t so slow that you’ll feel sleepy or bored during the DVD.

This is a DVD you’ll be able to use at any point during your pregnancy, even when you’re in the last trimester.

The yoga instructor manages to sound encouraging and sincere – it doesn’t seem like she’s reading off cue cards like exercise video instructors sometimes do.

2. Jane Austin Prenatal Yoga DVD

If you’re new to yoga, you’ll be able to catch on to this DVD in no time. But if you’ve been practicing for a long time, you’ll still find plenty to challenge you.

This DVD can be done every day. It will help you build strength, gain flexibility, fight those nagging aches and pains caused by pregnancy, give you more energy and increase your circulation. Plus, it can help you relax from the daily worries and body stress caused by pregnancy.

A 60-minute yoga session is offered on the DVD, and for those who are into their later months of pregnancy, the instructor shows modified poses which might be easier for you.

The instructor is also a midwife and doula, so you’ll be given plenty of practical tips as you go through your yoga session. It will be helpful especially for first-time moms who are nervous about childbirth and motherhood.

3. Radiant Pregnancy: A Comprehensive Prenatal Yoga

This 3-disc DVD set will take you through every step of your pregnancy. Instructor Hala Khouri helps you work on both your mind and body.

Each trimester is addressed separately, giving you exercises that are tailored specifically for each one. The exercises in the first trimester workout are gentle and designed to help you with your changing physical and emotional needs. The workouts in the second trimester focus on strengthening your body to prepare it for the bigger load it is carrying. In the third trimester workout, the DVD concentrates on preparing you for the upcoming birth of your child.

Every workout contains four sections – a warm up, a strengthening and energizing segment, a restorative element and meditation. One feature that makes this a candidate for the best prenatal yoga DVD is that each segment is listed individually on the DVD. If you only have time or energy for a mini workout, you can simply choose the segment you want without the need to fast forward. It’s a time saver, and that’s something every mom-to-be can appreciate.


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