6 Best Basketball Shoes for Flat Feet 2017

6 Best Basketball Shoes for Flat Feet 2017

If you suffer from flat feet you’ll likely find it difficult to find basketball shoes that are comfortable to wear. Here we outline what you’ll need to look for in the best basketball shoes for flat feet.

We go into detail on our top three picks towards the end of the article.

Things to Take into Consideration

Having flat feet can be uncomfortable and often makes it annoying and difficult to shop for shoes. Although once you understand a few things about flat feet you’ll be able to make purchasing decisions much more quickly and easily.

Firstly flat feet are wider than normal feet. As the foot flattens the natural arch of the foot flattens and the feet get wider. This is most noticeable at the toe and midsole section of your feet. So it’s important to make sure any shoes you do choose are wide enough in these areas for your feet.

The second consideration is to ensure the shoe doesn’t have high arch support. You should look for a low and flexible arch in the sole of your shoes. High arches will only make it very uncomfortable to wear the shoe and you’ll be left with lots of aches and pains.

Top 6 Basketball Shoes for Flat Feet Table

PictureNameFeaturesPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameFeaturesPriceRating (1-5)
1. Converse For Three Mid MensRubber sole, leather upper, EVA midsole$$$$4.7
2. Nike Zoom HyperRevSynthetic sole, mesh upper, phylite midsole$$$$4.6
3. Nike Men's Air Visi Pro V NBK Rubber sole, synthetic and mesh upper$$$4.5
4. Nike Men's Air Force 1 Mid '07 Rubber sole, Nike air midsole$$4.5
5. Reebok Men's Royal BB4500 Rubber sole, synthetic upper, accommodates orthodontics$$4.2
6. Reebok Men's Pro Heritage Rubber sole, leather and mesh upper$4.1

Purchase Information

Apart from the considerations we’ve talked about above specifically for flat feet, when it comes to basketball shoes there are a few things you should be comparing between brands. Here we list out what to look for in your next purchase.

  • Pivot points are a great feature in basketball shoes as they allow players to pivot on the spot quickly and with minimal resistance.
  • Mesh uppers and venting helps keep your feet cool during play and is great for indoor basketball courts, which often get pretty warm.
  • Rubber soles offer the best traction for basketball courts and are usually the best choice for players wanting traction and stability.
  • Midsole support is helpful for players with weak arches and flat feet as it gives your feet the natural rigidity to bounce off of the floor with ease.

3 Best Basketball Shoes for Flat Feet Reviews

1. Converse For Three

A very lightweight shoe that has many features that make it suitable for flat feet. The midsole EVA support is great for flat arches as it gives a little more rigidity to your step or jump. Converse have really made these shoes well, and the quality is exceptional.

We noticed that the stitching was very neat and the detail in the work was great. The materials that have been used are all of high quality and this is definitely felt the moment you put these shoes on. We wore our first pair for a full day and felt very comfortable in them, even after eight hours straight.

There is plenty of ankle and heel support here and the shoes are a nice snug fit. The inner lining of these shoes is great at reducing sliding within the shoe.

2. Nike Zoom

Easily identified with Nike’s bright modern colors, this shoe makes a statement wherever you wear it. We found these shoes to be the best basketball shoes by Nike, and they had no break in period. Which meant we could wear them straight out of the box and into a game without a worry.

They fit very snugly, even with the laces untied. We even played a few matches without tying up the laces and didn’t notice any difference in our ability to play. The top ankle strap provides plenty of support and security to keep the shoe snugly on your foot.

The overall design of these shoes is great. There is no thin webbing to be ripped, no annoying crease over the toe and we had no issues with heel or ankle blisters.

3. Nike Air Visi

This is the only shoe in our list that features a pivot point at the toe of the shoe. It’s a great feature that should be included in more basketball shoes as it increases the speed and ease of quick paced turns.

There are slight vents on the front quarter panel that allow air to flow into your shoes and cool your feet. We noticed a significant reduction in sweaty feet in these shoes compared to others. And these are one of the best basketball shoes for flat feet.


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